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New Sections, updates, and workings in the future!  

Past:  I've added videos, and I'm aware that the first link isn't working.  What I have done to work on them, hasn't worked exactly.  I'm trying right now on attracting people to my blog, to help that out, I'm going to ask that for the list of updates, or what's current with the site, and what's coming, that you go see my Blog.  One thing that I will tell you here, is a special THANKS!

 I've gotten a few suggestions through E-mail, and 1 on my forums that you can view.  I'd like to say thanks for the comments and suggestions!  I'm trying to make this the site that EVERYONE enjoys, and likes to come to for information.  I'd like to say that this would be the 2nd Best KG site out there, at least, but that would require more work than I'm used to, and I have to stay focused on school and all... so...  :P  Stay put as I work on the site folks, I hope to have it up and running at 110% by the end of April!  No new news on KG2 or the movies in the US.  I'm just as disappointed, but hopefully you'll hear it here 2nd or 3rd or something :P  I go on ANN and search it DAILY so when it breaks, I'm on it, unless I forget or I'm not near a computer when it happens

Website updated

I must say I'm very proud of what I've SO FAR accomplished.  Since I started this website about a 3 weeks ago, and being off and on (Often off) I've pretty much given people (in my opinion) a easy way to understand KG, or at least have a quick and easy access way to what the shows about.  I have Downloads streaming straight from FUNi.  A blog where I keep you posted about what I'll be adding or what I've added.  Reviews (mainly end in a pass, or for collectors only).  Forums that are practically dead, links to pages where I got my info, and people can get even more.  Now recently added, Movies! :D  Which is still undergoing A LOT of work!  So if anyone can contribute information, contact me in the several ways available.  I might rename some of my sections, so don't get to used to them.  ;D 

TA - DA ~ A!!!

The site, is finished! XD  Finally!  I hope that this site can become a valid place for updates, highly accurate, and on the spot fast!  Since I'm a low life, and I have no life, and watching anime, and going on the computer, is probably all I'm good for in life, I'll be updating this site everyday.  Here you'll find the following...

•  Blogs - My opinion, as of what I think of the Kiddy Grade Franchise and its future, my hopes, worries, and dreams for the series.
•  Downloads - Yes, Wallpapers, avatars, trailers, possibly music not licensed to anything, and in the near future, Screensavers! :D
•  Information - Need to look up information on the series?  Easter eggs, characters, or just plain and simple, the story of Kiddy Grade?  You'll find it here! :D
•  News - Since all KG fans are long awaiting Kiddy Grade 2, and the Kiddy Grade movies
-Ignition-, -Maelstrom-, and -Truth Dawn-; you'll hear it here, around the 5th or 6th...not first.

I hope I can stay focused in the series, and I'll even have reviews for whether someone should bother buying a KG DVD, or Merchandise.