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  •      Vernon was the spiritual leader of the Florida State Reenactment Society for many years and left us unexpectedly April 12, 2011. He will always be loved and missed and never forgotten.


    Vernon G. Weinhart 1936-2011

         A Firefighters Prayer


    When I am called to duty, God

     whenever flames may rage;

    Give me strength to save some life,

      whatever be it's age.

    Help me embrace a little child

      before it's too late;

    or save an older person from

      the horror of that fate.

    I want to fill my calling

      and give the best in me;

    to guard my every neighbor

    and protect his property.

    And if according to my fate, I am to loose my life,

       please bless with

     your protecting hand

    my children and my wife.