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Victorian Hairstyles



Victorian Hair Styles:
A headdress of lilac velvet petunias has groups of palm leaves and a double chain of gutta percha is carried round the head. In front, among the palm leaves, is an enameled blue and green golden serpent.



 Victorian Hairstyle for 1860s:
A Louis XV wreath is made with Malmaison roses, buds, and foliage; and tied with a green satin and black velvet bow. This headdress is in two parts; the large chaplet is placed upon the forehead, and the second, which is tied with ribbon, is arranged at the side.


 Victorian hair style featuring a black velvet headdress with gold ornaments and a mother-of-pearl butterfly at the side. A tuft of marabou feathers is spangled with mother-of-pearl in front.



Victorian Headdress:
A headdress, composed with dark red velvet, which is formed into a large pansy in front, has a gold ornament in its center and a tuft of white feathers at the side.




Victorian Headdress:
A headdress is composed with large blue velvet pansies, with gold and mother-of-pearl hearts plus brown and gilt leaves.




Victorian Hairstyles:
A wreath of white forget-me-nots has moss-roses, buds, and foliage at the side and back.


Victorian Hairstyle:
Evening coiffure for a young lady has the front hair arranged over quite a high cushion, with sprays of lilies-of-the-valley foliage falling over it. The back hair is in waterfall style around which is twisted a thick plait.