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Steam engine #14 is a 4-4-0 American type locomotive built in 1881 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. First owned by the Central of Georgia Railroad and later sold to the Empire Lumber Company of Andalusia, Alabama. The engine's gauge was originally five feet and was modified to standard gauge. It is reported that the famous singer Hank Williams' Grandfather operated the little engine. In 1912 the W.T. Smith Lumber Company purchased the Empire Lumber Company. The engine remained in operation hauling lumber to and from the mill till 1927. She was retired and put on display next to Highway 31 in Chapman, Alabama. Before Interstate 65 was completed my family would travel from Montgomery, Alabama down to the beach on Highway 31. As a young child I remembered my father would stop at a park with a choo choo train near a lumber yard. He and I would climb up into the cab and ring the bell and looked out the cabs windows. When the Interstate opened in the late 1960 travel on Highway 31 became a memory. Over the years as I traveled south of Montgomery I always wondered about that little steam engine. I never ventured off the interstate looking for that engine, I wonder if it still exited in the same place or moved off to the scrape yard. Recently I asked my mother about the engine that we would stop to visit when I was a child on the way to the beach. She was surprised that I remember it. I did a little research on the web and found that the engine was moved to the Pioneer Museum Of Alabama located in Troy, Alabama.  This picture of #14 was made recently on a trip to South Alabama on March 15, 2007.

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