What has previously fallen, I'm currently bringing back to this world.  The 32nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment.  I don't know if I will succeed but I shall make an attempt at a comeback.  There's no telling anymore what will happen but I plan on an effective war machine so to speak.  This time with a whole new objective, take over the gaming community in    ArmA: Combat Operations.  This may be by far the most insane plan I've ever had. Now is the time to take over.  (Crazy laughter.)  Enjoy.  ^.^  Plus you will hear from tactics you didn't even know existed before even hearing of us.  We have tactics that have been shrouded in mystery for years even as far back as WWI that have far but beyond amazed allied commanders by actions committed by both the Japanese, N. Koreans, and Chinese.  Some of this will just put you into a state of shock and may even rewrite what you know about your military history.  Like I said, enjoy.  ^.^