2nd Birkenhead Scout Group

68 North Rd Birkenhead Merseyside

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Welcome to the 2nd Birkenhead Scout Group.

This website is not currently maintained

The first two Boy Scout groups in the world were founded as the 1st and 2nd Birkenhead groups at the YMCA on the same night in 1908. 

The former YMCA building in Grange Road, erected at the cost of £9,000, was opened in 1890, as the headquarters of the Birkenhead YMCA and had originally occupied premises in Conway Street. It was was here in the Grange Road YMCA that Lord Baden Powell held the inaugural meeting of the Boy Scout Movement on 24th January 1908.  

Financial problems made it necessary to sell this building in 1935, and it was purchased by British Home Stores Limited and is now owned by Primark.  The Y.M.C.A. then moved to its present position at Whetstone Lane and was the home of the 1st Birkenhead Scout Group for many years until the Group closed. 

The 2nd Birkenhead Scout Group is still operating and therefore is the longest running scout group in the world, and was also the first group to have their own puropse built scout hut on land bought and donated to them from their founder James Johnston.

The group still occupy the site, however the original wooden building was destroyed by fire, and had to be replaced.

The picture below taken in 1918 shows the original building, and the scouts who attended at that time.