Winnipeg Mb. Canada

  • Name: Channing Cockriell
  • Birthdate: August/31/1986
  • Hometown: Winnipeg, MB.
  • Girlfriend: Megan Sproule
  • Hobbies: Racing cars, Snowmobiling, Dirt bikes, Custom cars, R/C cars
  • Years of Racing: I have about 7 or 8 shows in 2006
  • Make: 1969 chevelle ss (street stock)
  • Engine: 355 chevy (like a rock)
  • Transmission: 2 speed power glide
  • Gears: Not tellin
  • Weight: 3200 Lbs.
  • Crew cheif: Jamie Gulle
  • Crew members: Kevin Furguson, James Lacy and the help from the 98 team Rod Tates, Ryan Tates and, Greg Vallentine


Well I have been around racing all of my life. I am now the third generation in my family racing. It all started with my grandfather (Dick Tates) who first started racing at Brookland Speedway over 20 years ago. Then my father of coarse (Joe Tates) who was one of the more consitant drivers in the 90's and now me (Channing Cockriell) the third genaration racecar driver in the family who loves the sport so much he eats, sleeps and, thinks about racing constantly. Now i know your probably like thats a little much but you can't give that to someone and you can't take it out of them it's just there. Now I have seen alot of racing in my life but the one who insipres me most would be Jamie Gulle a true racing hero in my eyes were talking someone who puts a motor together useing things lyin around the garage comes out and takes a top 5 finish. not one night of the year either I mean every night of the year. TRUE HERO...... My goals for the 2007 season are high but when you think possitive good will come so i hope to at least pull of some top 5 finish's this year you never know maybe even some 1st or 2nd place finish's aswell. I geuss we'll have to see how the season geos.