26-AT-026 ANDY

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Welcome to my new website, please enjoy and feel free to leave comments!


Computer logging by Wlod_log 5.3 it is a fantastic program for 11m log books, with a dedicated section for I.O.T.A.  Thanks to Jim, 108AT046 for your help!

Click here to download

Cluster.dk  the best up to the minute DX hunters tool on the web.

cluster.dk - be a member of the worlds biggest 11-meter cluster system

Music: ''We are the Champions'' by Queen.(long live Freddy)

I would like to thank the following for their contributions in the making of the web site, Trevor 26AT715 for his ingenuity, skill with a welder, and all round enthusiasm, Nick 26AT143, for the kind use of photographic contents, and also Steve 26AT015 for  his photographic, and video input, and help with the 26AT026/multi station setup!  Cheers guys.

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