25th Air Service Group

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APO 493



The new year was ushered in quietly without the usual fanfare of whistles and happy greetings.  There is an apparent saving up of enthusiasm with the feeling of a quick victory during the coming year.

Activities of all sorts enlivened the morale of all personnel.  The squadron basketball team continued its winning ways by taking its first four games, losing only to a fast ordnance five by one basket.  The team has been sparked by several outstanding players in Sgts Weitkamp and Alker and Cpl Black.  Sgt Weitkamp, the team's leading scorer, is a true representative of Indiana where basketball is a kindergarten subject.  The spirit of competition is keen and the games well attended.  A court is in process for our squadron area.  Lack of equipment and low priorities have held up construction but we are determined to have a good one depite all difficulties.

The famous soprano, Lily Pons, and her equally famous conductor husband, Andre Kostelanetz, honored our base by their presence rendering a show paramount to the best in the States.  Pfc Russel D. Allen of the squadron photo section is playing the violin in the all soldier orchestra accompanying them on their tour of this theater.  Morale soared even higher when Benny Meroff, accompanied by six (count 'em) pretty and talented American girls presented a USO show.  The dispensary was overwhelemed with strained eyes and throats the next day.

Orchids are in order for the swell GI show presented through the efforts of our group special services office.  Most of the artists were from this squadron and Cpl Joseph Levin (attached to this squadron from AACS) performed a grand job as MC.  The outstanding act was called "The Hollywood Scene" satirizing the noble efforts of our great cinema stars (wigs, props, and all).  So much for entertainment.

Our new consolidated motor pool under the direct supervision of 1st Lt Harry H. White and his able assistants S/Sgt Peters and Cpl Cervenan is gradually taking shape.  It is proposed to handle both the bomb group and service group vehicles.

With the reorganization of our group back in July T/O grades were practically frozen but a few transfers permitted two well deserved promotions to-wit, Pfc's Elmer Potter and James Smith to the rank of Corporal.  This month also marked the promotion of Lt Col Rogers A. Gardner, our Group Commander, to the rank of  full Colonel and Captain Austin J. Shannon, Base Mess Supervisor, to the rank of Major.

The mail situation continued in its sporadic manner due to the holiday rush.  As the month ends we find it becoming increasingly better and prepare for an even more lively month ahead of us.


Joseph T. Gaynor,

1st Lt, Air Corps,

Historical Officer