25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq



During the month of December work progressed rapidly on the construction of the new Squadron barracks.  It is expected that they will be completed and occupied within another month or six weeks.  The new location will be more convenient than the present tent area as it will be nearer the mess hall and the latrines and showers and also will consolidate all the sections of the Squadron into one area.  At the present time the organization is housed in four separate areas and is operating two mess halls.

On Christmas night the unit got its first taste of enemy action in the form of a nuisance raid by one Japanese plane.  The bombs which were dropped were dropped some distance from this area and fortunately no on was injured directly from this action.  One firefighter, Cpl John P. Carney, suffered a slight burn on the ankle while fighting a fire started by one of the bombs.  The telephone linemen were very busy for several days thereafter repairing damaged lines and poles.

During the month there were two exhibitions of incendiaries and smoke bombs given by the chemical warfare service.  The night exhibition given on 29 December 44 was especially spectacular and interesting.