25th Air Service Group

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December found the 769th Chemical Depot Company (Avn) ready and willing to start performing their mission.  On the 13 December 1944 the organization moved from Kalikunda Army Air Base and was assigned to Kharagpur Army Air Base by par 1, GO# 71, Secret, Hq XX Bomber Command.

The 19 December the Chemical and Incendiary Sections started to work at Kharagpur AAB, Ammunition Yard.  In seventeen days they assembled the components of approximately two thousands, AN-M-47-A2, 100 lbs incendiary bombs.  From the 30 December the two sections were busily engaged in assembling the components of M-76, 500lbs incendiary bombs.

1st Lt. Sherwood L. Hall joined the organization the 25 December 44.  He was on temporary duty, in charge of all organizational equipment not shipped TAT.  On the 27 December 44 1st Lt. Jack L. Wilt departed for APO 671 to return this organizational equipment to Kharagpur AAB, where the unit is now stationed.

During the month the Security and Maintenance Section constructed two prefabricated buildings to be used as orderly room and dayroom.  All maintenance and security details being furnished by this section.  The headquarters section performing all housekeeping duties.

Boyd F. Maurer,

1st Lt, CWS,

Historical Officer