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09.30 23 Sept:    Just a quick line to say a big 
                           "Thankyou" to Geoff Terry for 
                            organising Saturdays weekend get -
                            together in Cambridge and at Duxford
                            for the airshow. It appears that the only 
                            thing that failed was out of their control
                            with the public transport system letting 
                            those doing the airshow show down.
                            That said the evening was brilliant with
                            Geoff, John (A/F), John (Prop) and Paul
                            dragging bemused partners along plus a 
                            very brave Bob who came all the way from
                            Spain on his own just for the night.
                            The food was good and the company
                            was even better and we all came away
                            saying we must do this some more,
                            (Thinks; Haven't we heard that before??!)
                            Once again, Cheers Geoff.                             

17.00  13 Aug:     Interest seems to be growing for the
   Duxford Airshow option on 22nd Sept. 
   Geoff Terry is ram-rodding this and so 
   far we have around 8+ and some partners 
   for an evening meal in a local Beef Eater
   in Cambridge. If this appeals then please
   respond on the Forum page. (Some 
   partners are only doing the meal part-
   dealers choice). Geoff would appreciate
   numbers for the meal booking sooner 
   rather than later
   If you intend coming then you will need 
   to obtain your own ticket(s) for the show
   and arrange your own accomodation if reqd. 

20.15  25 July:   As some of you are aware Geoff Terry 
  has decided that due to insufficient 
          numbers for the Manchester get-
  together,due in the main to holidays,
          then another idea is needed, namely
  the Battle of Britain Air show at 
  Duxford on Sat 22nd September.
  The idea is for a meeting there for 
                          those who may be interested.
                          Tickets have to be bought on-line in 
   advance and cost 29.50 for adults. 
                          (Doesn't appear to be an 'Old F***ts
          Please DON'T buy a ticket just yet,
          as the response needs to be gauged 
          first, plus, once numbers are known 
  then we can try and arrange something 
  for the evening.  
  A quick reply would be appreciated
  using this forum.
  (Partners would be welcome.)


20.40 08 July:  Geoff Terry (Ex Oxford Flight) is
                         looking for any like minded souls
 who would be interested in a 'mini-
 reunion'/get together in Manchester
                         over the w/e of 14th/16th Sept 
 centred around the RAF100 Anniversary
 Any one interested can post onto the 
 Guestbook on this site. CANX

19.50  08 Jun:  Not much to say other than thanks 
to Nick for renewing the domain name
and to those who have offered to chip
in and help with the cost.

19.00  15 Feb:  So with no further interest for
a Reunion I'm withdrawing my offer
to organise one. Only 13 people
bothered to reply (A 20% return)
and it is not enough to go forward.
To those 13 I'm sorry but there it

On another note this website does 
not run itself. Up until 2 years ago 
site owner Nick was shelling out 
around US$30 /yr. 
For the last two I have paid it. 
Now I can't speak for Nick
but I'm having doubts as to whether
it is worth it as there just isn't  
any worthwhile involvement from 
the vast majority of the 
Just putting it out there.........

13.30 25 Jan:  It would appear that there is not too
                       much appetite for a reunion just yet
                       with only 13 replies in two weeks out 
                       of 63 sent.
                       Unless there is a rapid uptake in the 
                       next few days then I'll draw a line 
                       under it for now.
                       (Of course the vast majority of 
                        people won't know this as they 
                        hardly ever check the website)


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