Hobbie Horse Farm


                      Hobbie Horse Farm was founded in 1987 in the foothills of Avon, Utah.  We specialize in Gala apples and cider and Belted Galloway Cattle.  We have a small herd of Belted Galloway Cattle and grow 6 different varieties of apples with Gala apples being our favorite.  We have registered Belties with both the black and white variety and this year we have added the rare red and white Galloways.  The herd Sire is a Red and White Bull who traveled to Utah last year.  He is a marvelous bull and this year has two sons to follow in his footsteps named Heavy Duty and Extra Duty.  The apples and cattle are a great compliment to each other.  The cows are anxious for any leftovers.  You should see them bob for apples in the water trough at Halloween time.

                    The farm has a large garden with fountains to add atmosphere when we are weeding for long hours.  Model railroad trains encircle the garden and also help entertain while we enjoy the outdoors.   There is a trout pond with paddle boat and barbecue area for frequent family visitors and reunions.  There is a large model airplane workroom that provides hours of enjoyment as many radio controlled model airplanes have been born in that location.  An art studio and indoor model railroad building is under construction next to the garden to provide hobbie's during the winter months.  





hhf14555@gmail.com  Hobbie Horse Farm 10885 S. Hwy 165 Avon, Utah