Twickenham Brunswick C.Y.P.
Main Club 020 894 2571   Boxing Gym 0208  755 3959 eve

BOXING GYM   0208 755 3959
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Our Club

Twickenham Brunswick is a thriving Table Tennis Club and you will always find a warm welcome at our club.

You will always be made to feel welcome here.

There will always be players willing to rally with you.

The club is well organised.

Three Senior League Teams, Three National Junior League Teams, Three National Cadet League Teams

We hold five practice/training sessions a week and outings to Tournaments.

We have up to eight tables for practice.

On register we have 100+ junior and 80+ adult table tennis players.

We have a uniquely warm atmosphere at our club.

 We are  well attended and achieve good results.

 Feel free to come along  and sample our practice sessions

The club is open for practice  on Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings from 6.30 pm, Tuesday at 5.30pm for

junior coaching and Saturday morning at 9.30am  .

Teddington Table Tennis Club is now based at our club on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm.

Please contact us on 0208 894 2571   evenings or by email

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A 9 Table Venue for practice

Few clubs can offer the space that we do! Unless you are in a school's sports hall.

But then do you feel part of a club or as if you are just visiting another leisure centre.

Now we can fit 9 Tables in the club for practice - a little restricted for space.. but OK

There is almost never a need for anyone to sit out even when we have 20+ players in and everyone is made to feel welcome as part of the club.



Our unique approach to teaching our members

how to become independent learners and players of the game.


An  Ethusiastic Club Leader


Voluntary practice partners


Sponsors      :    NONE


Partners       :   NONE


Enthusiastic Loyal Members    :   DOZENS