1949 Plymouth Convertible

1949 Plymouth Convertible--P-18


It has been some time since I updated this website. Life just seems to happen in between all the things I plan on doing. Over the last year, I was furtunate enough to purchase an original 1949 Plymouth convertible. A long story that I wont go into here, but it was a real plaeasure having an unrestored car to drive and enjoy.


It was a twin of my current convertible. It had been sitting for about 15 years and I had the pleasure of getting back on the road. At only about 40k original miles, it was a real treat to drive an show. An overdrive transmission was installed sometime in the past and the cruising was just a thrill. If you have never had the experiance of an original car, you do not know what you are missing.


Here are the twins side-by-side. The original car on the right, the refurbished car on the left.

This is how I found it. Burried in amongst a lifetime of car parts and old bicycles. Full of dust and barn blemishes.






Gillmore Car Museum--Hickory Corners, MI