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My first radio listenings began when I was 12 years old (in 1992). I had a little HF receiver and a long wire antenna.

In 1993, I used a little AM 40cx and started to speak on a mike.

It's in February 1994 that I bought a President Grant, MB+4 and a home made wire dipole antenna. few months later, I had the 3 elts Yagi. I catched the 11 meter virus and since this time, I turn on my transceiver every day. During the first years, I hunted DXCC and QSO's. I don't count DXCC confirmed now...it's not a challenge for me to have a big DXCC score. I prefer take time to active some things on radio like LOTA,COTA,MOTA,IOTA,DIFM,SES or little DXCC's.

At this moment, I have actived:

39 MOTA, 6 COTA, 9 LOTA, 4 WFF, 84 DIFM (french islands) with 45 new one, 19 IOTA with 1 IOTA new one (EU107),

10 DXCC, 15 IWI with 15 new one and some SES activations.


AS004, AF083, EU005, EU015, EU120, EU065, EU074, EU107, EU156, EU048, EU094, EU157, EU105, EU013, EU039, EU014, EU100, EU104, EU164 

DXCC actived:   14,16,19,26,90,147,110,291,167,104

I love the portable spirit on radio... you bring your RTX, your battery or generator, little antenna and you are like Robinson Crusoe on his island !  

I'm a lover of expeditions. I like to build some isle projects...it's my favorite task on radio. You will not listen me so much time on 555, anyway,i'm everyday listening on it, 3 hours a day and around 6 hours during a week end.

My equipment is composed at home of FT1000MP, MD1C8 with equalizer W2IHY,  TL922 and a loop antenna on the roof. I'm not so active from my home due to electric local QRM and prefer transmitting in portable station or mobile. In portable, I can use a skypper or a Bambi or a MOXON 6elts when I stay longer. I use also a telescopic tower of 10 meters, rotator G1000dxc, amplifier ACOM1010, generator HONDA 2kW EU20i, generator SDMO LX3000 3kW, Battery 12v 100Ah.

I have also annexe RTX and antennas for other frequencies (IC706mkiig, FT857d, FD4, Outback1099 (2 to 80 m band), 9elts and 17elts Yagi VHF, 6elts Yagi on 446MHz PMR, G5RV full size, spiderbeam 15-17-20m, verticale dipoles 10-12-15-17-20m, Quad radiators 12-15-17-20m, 1/4 wave 40m with 16 radials, inverted L 160m,...).

I'm also member of other clubs: 14GT262, 14IR162.

Be part of several clubs is possible cause I can activate with these 3 calls (it's not ghosts calls) and I like the 3 different spirits of FR, IR, GT.

I'm involved to CH'TI ISLAND GANG and to the BABAOW ISLAND GANG (not clubs, but just exped team name) 

My job? air conditionning, heating pump systems, hot water solar panels, gas heating systems, DAIKIN,AERMEC,PANASONIC,SAUNIER DUVAL,SUPRA,WAGNER technician...in all north part of France (dpt62,59,02,80,76,60,95)


GUI 566 route de tournes 62360 ECHINGHEN FRANCE






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