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Revealing the Hidden Spiritual Science that all the Masters from Buddha, Moses, Jesus, to Muhammad wouldn't or couldn't reveal

Journey into the Soul, Apocalypse, and the Destiny of Humankind

Describing the cosmic laws of the universe ruling the reality of the human experience and the destiny of humanity. It is an in depth study of the spiritual science that is the source of all religion, and the cause of the human condition.

                                           This is the real Matrix

                                     That imprisons us

 The term Ellipse, which means Imperfect Circle, as opposed to the Perfect Circle, is the updated metaphor that replaces the traditional concepts of God and the devil, and good and evil, as the human race evolves out of the age of mythology to the era of the merging of science and spirituality.

 This spiritual saga describes the inner and outer soul of the universe, the apocalypse, and the destiny of the human race. Delving deeper than any metaphysical writer of the past or present, the book reveals new insights about the fall of man and the soul's journey to its ultimate destiny in unraveling the mysteries of its existence. It also clarifies pervasive distortions and misconceptions within religion and metaphysics 

 Zakariyya Ishaq an author and a pioneer in Integral Metaphysics, is a thirty-year Mystic, Metaphysician, and student in the ancient wisdom traditions of Sufism, Islam, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, Kabbalah, Hermetic Science, and Christian Gnosticism. Having drunk deep at the ocean of mystical knowledge he reveals the secrets of the cosmos in the Ellipse that answers many of the age old questions that have challenged the understanding of believers in God, philosophers, and mystical seekers by exploring these topics:

 The Essence of Man

The origin of Evil and Suffering

The end of Evil and Suffering

A Definition of God

The Reality of Creation

The Nature of the Soul

The Burden of the Apocalypse

A new understanding of the Jesus mystery

The Destiny of Humankind

This dynamic mystical cosmology is explained so the laymen and practitioners of metaphysics, religion and New Age ideas can enjoy an inspirational book  that exhorts humanity to peaceful co-existence, and at the same time be well informed on the spiritual science that are at the root of their practice, and belief.


  The non-fiction book begins by revealing the inner meaning of the allegory of the Garden of Eden. This mystical parable was given to humans by advanced adepts in antiquity as a guide to understanding the origin of evil and suffering. In primordial times a catastrophic imbalance was created in the human soul resulting from the practice of the occult science of the invocation of paradise states of consciousness.  A powerful race of “devils” from the Atlantis and Lemurian spiritual hierarchy took part in deceiving Adam to err in applying the methodology of the science, thus the allegory of Adam and Eve's disobedience to God. Due to cosmic law, rather than an overt punishment by God, Adam (symbolizing all humans) succumbed to inner corruption which produced disharmony in the soul. Humans lost the capacity to invoke these inner states of paradise-ecstacy because the inner mechanism in the soul, known as the essence, became an ellipse - imperfect circle. Before descent into this abyss, man was a perfect circle, the universal symbol of perfection. This story behind the lost spiritual science and much more is revealed in the book “The Ellipse: The Fall and Rise of The Human Soul: Secrets of the Cosmos.



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