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Pregnancy yoga class on Monday evening in Petts Wood


 These are the unedited, personal birth stories from the women of the Petts Wood Yogabirth class, along with my replies to them, who I have known either as returning mums or from 14 weeks gestation. They provide a useful resource to the other pregnant ladies in the class showing what really goes on currently in the local birth environments they choose or find themselves in, what birth techniques and strategies they used.  Sometimes, the stories are a breath by breath accounts, their perceptions and feelings through the process, how they were treated.  Some are heartwarming and heartrending, all are triumphant!

Rachel's Story

Congratulations, she is beautiful! I do love to receive 'not very interesting' birth stories as it means it's a normal birth with no interventions (and sweeps can cause them aplenty).  

Am so pleased you got into the hallowed grounds of the Oasis and yes, after 2 hours of being in the birth pool if this doesn't produce a baby then using gravity in the way that you did often brings the baby down. Great you also had such impressive midwifery support throughout too. Whatever breathing you did Rachel obviously worked a treat for you!

As you paid for the longest gestation in human history I'm looking forward to refunding you 2 classes.

Rest up and relax with your gorgeous girlie.

Love Lynda. X

Hi Lynda,

At 41+2 we finally had our gorgeous baby Grace Coral Elizabeth Laws yesterday weighing 7.13lbs. Missing the proposed sweep by 1 day.

We were very fortunate that it all was fairly straightforward. I woke at 2.11am with contractions and gave birth at 6.03pm. I was able to last until 2pm at home with the tens machine which I would highly recommend to anyone! We got there and I was 5cm so was allowed straight over to the oasis :-) I was in the pool for a good couple of hours but at the end I just wasn't able to push enough to make the progress needed. They got me out and I sat on the birthing stall, then onto all fours and finally onto the bed on my side. By this point an extra midwife had joined but I felt reassured the whole time.

Very proud that we did all this without any pain relief, not even gas and air - although I'm not sure you'd be all that impressed with my breathing!

I would also like to say that all the stuff at the pruh have been amazing at helping provide breastfeeding support and taking what feels like genuine personalised care of all of us.

Thank you for all your help both in and out of classes with all the additional information and assurance provided.

My story isn't very interesting but happy for you to share :-)

Silvi's Story

Congratulations Silvi she is divine! So pleased you got the birth you wanted and your birth story illustrates how birth takes time to brew up.

Am so pleased you had such a positive experience with the amazing midwives of the Oasis too.

Love Lynda


Hello Lynda,

I just wanted to let you know that baby Cara was born yesterday at 11.23am at the oasis birth centre.

I had contractions since Friday but because they weren't regular the midwives didn't want me to come in. After the third attempt of me calling them on Saturday night, they asked me to come in to get checked; I was 4 cm diluted and they kept me in. My whole labour went very well and apart from 1 codamol pain release tablet at the beginning, i only had gas and air.

I have nothing but praise for the midwives and the support staff there.

Although some of the girls already know that I had Cara I'm very happy for you to share this :)

I loved the yoga and will recommend it to everyone.

All the information you gave us during the course was very helpful and it allowed me understand what to expect and to make my own decisions. I wasn't afraid to voice my choices and stand by them.

For example in the middle of the second phase of the birth the midwife said to me that I'll have to get out of the pool so she can check which i replied that 'I'm NOT getting out of this pool' and that was that . 

Also the recommendations you made of other services just to let us know what is out there we can use to help with our pregnancies was priceless. Tara's chiropractic sessions helped a lot and Cara and I are going back for 'readjustment' soon. I would have never known of any of the services if you didn't do the hard work of finding them. I would like to say thank you very much for all your support.

I'm really enjoying being a mummy despite the sleep deprivation and the sheer panic i feel when Cara cries

It will be lovely to see you again :) xx



Rose's Story

So pleased you had such a positive birth experience Rose - my pleasure - glad the classes helped. Enjoy your gorgeous girlie this Christmastime. X

Hi, Lynda,

Maggie was a naughty breech baby so I had to have an elective c section which went smoothly and was really well organised. The midwives and staff have been so kind to me. Although I didn't get the natural birth I wanted, I most definitely got the baby I wanted and am really enjoying learning to breastfeed her! Her little face looks so familiar, feels like I've known her forever.

I got so much more than just yoga from your classes..

A wealth of invaluable knowledge that I could never have got from books or doctors or anywhere else really. Enlightenment of motherhood, before during and after from a fabulous mentor!

Friends, that I keep in touch with now all of whom have babies of a similar age, so nice to be able to have people who you can talk about sick and poo with, without feeling guilty.

90 minutes of relaxation and me time each week, away from any stress and surrounded by people who know exactly how you feel!

An invaluable library of services, contacts, resources etc

Thank you for everything you have done to help me Lynda. Rose x x x x

Colette's Story

Congratulations Colette - you did it and against the odds got the birth you wanted and fabulous that you had such amazing midwifery and medical support just when you needed it.  I'll put a link at the bottom about meconium which can be a because a baby us post dates and things are working as if the baby has been born, but it is still flagged as a hospital protocol, plus your personal history.

Amazing indeed Colette and here's wishing you and your adorable family a wonderful cozy babymoon.

Love Lynda


I joined Lynda's pregnancy yoga classes for my first and third babies, both of which were fabulous home births in water (something that I had never even considered before being pregnant). The techniques and practice in class were invaluable for me to create the environment I wanted and to make the birthing experience as painless as possible. 

The story below is how my little girl came into the world in January 2017. 

My contractions began on a freezing Wednesday morning and after sorting out childcare for my other children, I began focusing on me. Relaxing music, bouncing on birthing ball and generally clearing my mind. 

Labouring during the day in such cold weather had its challenges (mainly for husband in terms of candles and birthing pool temperature!) but it was once again wonderful to be surrounded by home comforts during this special time. 

Our midwife came round to see how we were getting on around 2.30pm. 

Soon after my contractions intensified and my husband started filling the birthing pool. I got in the pool at around 6pm. My waters burst at 7.20pm (revealing meconium) and my daughter arrived at 7.42pm to Norah Jones playing around the house. Her cord was untangled from round her neck and we had skin to skin in the pool before my husband cut the cord and she settled down for her first feed. 

Unfortunately we had to be transferred by ambulance to PRU post placenta delivery due to meconium in my waters and the need for baby to be monitored overnight. My midwives (there were a fair number during my labour) were wonderful in minimising the multitude of other trigger points due to my history that would have meant transfer during labour itself. 

We were home again by 8.30am the following morning for her two big sisters to officially welcome her to the family and give her a big cuddle. 

Positioning and breathing learnt in Lynda's class really worked well for me and I'm pleased that I had a completely drug free labour (declining gas & air too because it made me faint last time!). 

Seray's Story

Congratulations Seray! He is absolutely gorgeous!!

Yes lots of ladies go into labour after the class and you were beautifully ready for birth. Not sure where you put him though as you weren't huge and he's a walloper! Am so so pleased that the class came in so useful for you and your son.

Rest up, know that you are truly amazing and if you are around next Monday you might like to come to the class for baby night, where you will be assured of an adoring audience of your classmates - your hints and tips will be most useful, plus I get to have a lovely cuddle.

Love Lynda

Ps ditch the hat when he's skin to skin:

Hi Lynda,

Baby Thiago arrived this morning at 03:19 weighing 8lb 5oz!

I went into labour 6 hours after your class....! Woke up at 2am Tuesday with contractions and stayed at home till 21:30 that evening. I was 4cm dilated when i arrived at the PRUH and I'm pleased to say all went well & I delivered in The Oasis, in the pool, with just gas and air! We were home by 10am this morning and I can't quite believe how well it went! I used so much of your class to get me through it and in all honesty that surprised me as at times I did have my doubts about my ability throughout my pregnancy. All I can say is I stayed calm and absolutely listened to my body. Nature is an amazing thing....

Thank you for everything.

Seray x

Sarah's Story

Congratulations SARAH! What a surprise for you a little early bird. It sounds like you did absolutely amazingly - I'll put the explanation of what OC is at the end, but I think I've only had about 4 girls with this since 2004 and it's a very serious condition, so you handled things extremely well and am so pleased for you that your wishes were met.

'Kangaroo care' is def the way to go with your little girl, so rest up and enjoy a cosy run up to your first family Christmas.

Love Lynda


"Obstetric cholestasis (OC) is an uncommon pregnancy condition that affects your liver and makes you feel itchy, sometimes intensely so. You may also hear OC called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP)."

Hi Lynda,

Some unexpected baby news from me!

I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Eva, on Saturday evening at 38 weeks after being induced due to symptoms of OC.

The birth didn't go exactly as I had envisaged but ultimately she was born safe and healthy. Due to being monitored and induced because of the OC my original hopes of a water birth in the Oasis were out of the question.

After being induced on Thursday at around midnight my waters broke on Friday at around 4pm. Contractions were manageable for me to deal with on just a TENS machine with breathing and moving around lots until around 2/3am when I was struggling to cope. I was taken into the labour ward at around 6am and I went straight on to gas and air which really helped a lot.

Saturday is a big blur and such a long day. At some point on examination they could tell she hadn't turned enough and wanted to put me on a hormone drip to stimulate her to turn. At this point my husband and I discussed my pain relief wishes as I was already exhausted and the hormones would bring on stronger and more intense contractions. We were sure I would really struggle to cope with these so took the decision to have an epidural. It was something I always wanted to avoid. However, in that situation it was the right thing for me and I have no regrets.

Although I was now immobile, I was comfortable and am pleased to say gave birth vaginally, with no further medical interventions. And my wishes were all met in terms of immediate skin to skin, delayed cord clamping and no c-section.

However, despite the bumpy ride Eva is gorgeous and we are enjoying every minute getting to know her.

Although I was very apprehensive about labour, even more so when I was induced early, I was more mentally prepared than I thought and that was definitely down to yoga. The discussions that You prompted during the classes, on all kind of topics related to pregnancy and birth, were invaluable in getting the mind prepared. Then the yoga helped me stay calm throughout. Pregnancy yoga, and your advice and knowledge, ensured I was confident in my body's natural ability to take my baby and I on a safe birth journey."

Sarah W


Laura's Story

Congratulations Laura - a big baby boy for you! You have been in my mind all morning so am really pleased to hear you have got the birth you wanted and the way you wanted too.

Brilliant that the classes and the birth night helped you and your husband so much and fab that you had such a bevy of brilliant midwives supporting you.

Love Lynda xx

Hi Lynda,

I am pleased to say that after being 10 days late our baby boy decided to make an appearance on Wednesday at 1.12am.

My waters broke on Tuesday at 3.45pm, because of this I had to go into hospital to be assessed, by the time I Arrived at 7pm I was 4cm, I did want to avoid being examined but it was either this or a "2 hour walk around the hospital to get labour started" as I was getting contractions 2 minutes apart lasting a minute I had no idea how I could walk for 2 hours so I let them examine me to confirm what I already knew I was in labour! They called across to the oasis but they were full so I stayed on the assessment ward concentrating on my breathing and using gas and air, eventually a room became available and I was moved across. I used all the breathing techniques I had learnt in your class and it help hugely to keep me calm, and at no point did I think I couldn't cope with breathing calmly and gas and air alone. The midwives were also amazing through out and in helping me concentrate on keeping my breathing calm. I couldn't have done it without Nik, he clearly took in a lot from your birthing night and from what I had told him about the classes and how I wanted to give birth. Baby finally popped out at 1.12am Wednesday weighing 8.14. I have no idea where he was hiding in my bump!

Not only did I use the breathing techniques it also helped when the midwives asked me to get into positions to help baby navigate a tricky bend and get him out! As soon as they described the positing without seeing what they were doing I instantly knew what I needed to do and just how it would help bring baby down.

Thank you for helping me have the birth I so wanted.

Laura xx

Ps I forgot to say when I was in labour the midwife did check for the purple line, apparently I have a very good purple line and it was easy for them to see.

Flora's Birth Story

My birth experience was so influenced by the classes first time round that I had to write and share!

Birth was amazing, if rather unexpected, in that my due date by scan was the 23 January, by my dates the 26, and I was predicting he would be late. As it was I started to get some contractions on the afternoon of the 17. I was totally in denial that anything was happening - I wasn't ready - my birth plan was still only half written on the kitchen table! I did a bit of 'hula girl' as you taught us to get me through the contractions, but they were sufficiently far apart that I continued to tell my husband that there was nothing to get excited about. I took some paracetamol and went to bed as normal.

Then, just as my husband came to bed, my waters broke. Still convinced nothing was going to happen for a while, I did get him to phone the midwife just to let them know. I'd wanted a home birth and been signed off for it, although I was still a little unsure I'd be any good outside of the medical environment, particularly with respect to pain relief. Then I started to get proper contractions and started timing them. I think at that point I thought maybe it was actually happening. I told the Oasis I would like them to send the midwife round. Somehow my husband got me out of the bathroom and into the sitting room which he had set up as we discussed for the home birth. I just used the TENS machine and birthing ball. Again, your guidance on birthing positions was really helpful.

The first midwife arrived and I sort of acknowledge them, but I was deep in 'the zone'. Indeed I did ask her and my husband not to speak as I found it distracting - something I felt able to do thanks to all your tips. It was much easier for me just focusing on the breathing. I also used some of the visualisations you talked us through. I got a bit stressed when the midwife didn't examine me as I was still rather convinced that this was all just early labour and I would only be a couple of centimetres dilated with ages to go (I asked her about it later and she said it was pretty obvious I was in active labour and she didn't need to examine me to know things were progressIng.). Instead she just let me get on with it. After a while she asked me to get onto the z-bed we had set up so she could examine me, which was a relief. I think at that point my husband helped take the TENS machine off. I got onto the bed and then had the first urge to push! There was no way I was getting off the bed! By this point we also had another midwife and a student. The midwife suggested some gas and air which I took. I took about four or five gulps, went totally high, pushed out the baby - BOOM! Literally two hours after my waters broke. Placenta took a bit longer and I needed the injection and they catheterised me to drain my bladder to help get it out, but it came out fine, about 25 minutes after the baby.

I thought of you and all your tips a lot throughout and was thrilled to be able to put it into practice, unlike last time. In fact I think I might have cursed your name at one point when the midwife was telling me to 'glide the baby out' which reminded me of some of your mantras, but I wasn't feeling very 'glide-y' at the time! I had the confidence to have a home birth because of you and it was perfect! My daughter slept through the whole thing.

Baby boy (no name yet, boys names are much harder!) was 9 lbs 3 and 54cm. Feeding going well so far, despite a likely anterior tongue tie.

So a million thanks again for everything.

Flora X