Yogasense - Pregnancy Class
             for Birth & Beyond

Pregnancy yoga class on Monday evening in Petts Wood

Wednesdays 7-8.30pm in Petts Wood

Small class from 12 weeks onwards held in beautiful, relaxing surrounds ~  yoga plus everything you need for the birth you want ~ different every week ~ feel good, friendly and fun!

What this class will do for you

*Confidence in pregnancy and birth grows

*free cd teaches relaxation and hypnobreathing

*have fun and make new friends

*helps you prepare for all avenues of birth from home 

waterbirth to elective c section and everything in between

*teaches you how to breath and relax and make things easier during labour

*promotes body circulation,  flexibility, strength

 and posture

*teaches how to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy

*practice labour and birthing positions

*hone your birthing skills for a more joyous birth

*learn how to make the most of your birth supporter - massage techniques, what he can do for you and himself

*learn to trust in your innate ability to birth and feel confident

*teaches the science and secrets to an easier more joyful birth

*meet newborn mums and their babies

*chance to speak to birth specialists such as independent midwife and birth doulas

*learn about the different maternity options available to you

*main hospital covered is PRUH.  The class covers areas of Bromley, Orpington, Sidcup, Beckenham, St. Mary and St. Paul's Cray, Chislehurst, Bickley, Petts Wood, Farnborough, Bexley and surrounds

*FREE CD - 'Birthing Relaxations' - Nadine says in: "I would like to say that the birth CD was a great help and it really helped me focus on my breathing to deal with the pains

* £15 per class on  Wednesdays 7 - 8.30pm in a beautiful Petts Wood home

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What classmates say

Thank you for your amazing class yesterday night.  my baby gets very active right after yoga - i think the baby really enjoys it too!  You've changed my perspective on birth so much about how amazing it can be.  thank you once again.  Maheen xx 21st March 2017

"The biggest thing I gained from the class other than yoga was a weekly dose of confidence that my body would know what it needed to do when labour started and Wasn't something I needed be worried about or nervous about, I can say the whole time I was pregnant I never felt nervous about giving birth not even towards the end or when labour started. The knowledge about how birth and labour happened also helped me to have the natural birth I really wanted and helped me to trust my own body".   Lauren xx 2nd Feb 2017

"My birth experience was so influenced by the classes first time round that I had to write and share! Birth was amazing,I thought of you and all your tips a lot throughout and was thrilled to be able to put it into practice, unlike last time.  Thanks a million for everything".  Flora xx  8th Feb 2017

"I loved the yoga and will recommend it to everyone. All the information you gave us during the course was very helpful and it allowed me understand what to expect and to make my own decisions. I wasn't afraid to voice my choices and stand by them.   I would like to say thank you very much for all your support".  Silvi xx 8th Feb 2017

"Although I was very apprehensive about labour, even more so when I was induced early, I was more mentally prepared than I thought and that was definitely down to yoga. The discussions that Lynda prompted during the classes, on all kind of topics related to pregnancy and birth, were invaluable in getting the mind prepared. Then the yoga helped me stay calm throughout. Pregnancy yoga, and Lynda's advice and knowledge, ensured I was confident in my body's natural ability to take my baby and I on a safe birth journey."  Sarah xx 9th Feb

"I would say the main thing we took was confidence going into labour, I didn't feel scared or daunted by it as I felt I had a good idea of what to expect, this come from all your additional info:
-That we don't have to just agree with everything if it wasn't right for us
-that Olly needed to be my voice 
-and how we can help to try and relax and how to keep the oxytocin flowing if needed.
The birth stories we're also invaluable, to hear everyone's real experiences and to see how they coped and then to hear your take on them once we got back to class was really insightful.
Your support during my pregnancy was really appreciated, providing the contacts of trusted professionals saved time researching and gave us alternatives to invasive interaction".  Rachel xx 8th Feb 2017

With thanks to the Yogabirth ladies and their babies for giving me their beautiful photos for this website

baby Thaigo