If we missed any free "open source" recipe collections created by members of the "Yale community" please contact YaleCooks.  Please refer to the simple and evolving YaleCooks "conflict of interest" policy described on the "Ingredients: Where to Shop" page.  Thanks!

Resources which are listed here are either completely free or offer several free recipes (occasionally as an enticement to readers who may buy a cookbook or kitchen accessory).

If you find any of these links useful please contact YaleCooks or leave a comment (at the bottom of the page).

Do not forget the recipes shared by YaleCooks members, organized by ingredients-categories (eg. vegetarian or dumplings) and regional world cuisine (eg. Caribbean or South American).  We also have lists of the favorite cooksbooks and magazines which YaleCooks members have used to learn the skills and techniques they describe.

Plus, some of the "Stories, Memories, and Photos" submitted by members of the Yale community contain recipes.

Warning: Some recipes require seasonal fruits or vegetables and other ingredients which you may not have on your pantry shelves or in your refrigerator.  Read each recipe at least twice!

Yale College Student Publications & Websites:

1) Stiles Sustainable Cookbook: (2011-04) A free 29 page (6.2 megabyte) PDF written by Ezra Stiles students Ronit Abramson and Will Zhang.  Their cookbook has some shopping and safety advice plus 16 recipes.  If you need encouragement to eat more apples you will love their cookbook.  Ronit and Will, you may want to define "STEP" for non-Stilesians who download your PDF (BTW, I love the moose on the cover).  There is a typo ("realted" [sic]) in the Table of Contents.  Nice job!

2) YaleSkillShare: This Yale College group which founded in February, 2012.  Although cooking is just one of the many skills they share their website has recipes for honey-based granola, a maple syrup-based granola, and yogurt.  Thanks Shizue!

3) Yale Epicurean: A printed "undergraduate" journal (apparently distributed outside of residential college dining halls), founded in 2009, in which Yale students describe food.  Their website had active updates only through 2010, although the Yale Epicurean registered with the university as a Yale College student organization on 2011-10-13.  Update (2012-08-24): The Yale Epicurean appears to be publishing again, but in developing a new format the older recipes were not "archived".  We managed to save a few recipes by (student) authors Sara Edwards, Lisa Marrone, Aneesh Raghunandan, and Margaret Tung.  Update (2012-12-19): Are the Yale Epicurean student leaders going rogue?

Yale Alumni: (please help us build this list)

1) Margaret Tung: Margaret, a Yale College alum and former member of the Yale Epicuriean (see above) has a blog where she describes how she cooks with the fruits and vegetables from the CSA program she supports.  Great work Margaret!

2) Will Schwalbe: Will is Founder and Chairman of the Cookstr recipe website.  Amy J, thanks for the connection!

3) The Lunch Tray blog ("kids and food, in school and out"), by Yale College alum Bettina Elias Siegel, has a page dedicated to children's recipes.  YaleCooks also has a "Children's Recipe" page.  Remember, the "K" in the YaleCooks' KITCHENS acronym stands for "Kid friendly."

4) Ming Tsai: In the cooking tips section of his website Yale College alumnus Ming Tsai offers helpful video examples of essential kitchen skills, techniques, and equipment (including pressure cookers which are also discussed on the YaleCooks "Equipment: Pots & Pans" page).  He also offers many recipes from his "Simply Ming" program.  Here is an ovguide.com link, which lists just the titles (no videos; do not be fooled) of 18 recipes from season two (recipes for seasons 2 and 3 are not listed on his website).  On March 28, 2013 YaleBOSTON (formerly the Yale Club of Boston) held a dinner event at Blue Ginger, Ming's restaurant in Wellesley, MA.  Read a description (with recipes).

Yale Faculty & Staff:

1) Stephen Weber: Associate Chaplain at Yale.  Stephen's recipe for "Out of this World Chaplain's Chili" won third place during the "Chili Throwdown" in November 2010.

2) Sarah Jane Compton: Staff member from the Office of Sustainability.  Sarah is an experienced home canner, with a preference for preparing jellies, jams, and salsas.  Information from her July 31, 2012 canning "eco-workshop" is described on the YaleCooks "Home Canning: Basics" page.

3) Elisabeth Freeman has a few recipes for baba ganoush and other vegetarian dips on a Yale CS server page.

4) Christine Nattrass has a large number of family recipes (plus some from cookbooks) on a Yale physics server page.

5) In 2012 Yale University Dining Services (YUDS) started the "Reality Bites" food and etiquette seminar series for Yale College seniors.  Special thanks to Rafi Taherian (YUDS, Executive Director) and Ron DeSantis (YUDS, Director of Culinary Excellence)!

Yale Friends & Family:

1) AsianDumplingTips.com: Andrea Nguyen's website.  Andrea, cooking instructor and author, is the aunt of a Yale College student-alumnus.  Her website has a nice selection of vegetarian, savory, and sweet Asian recipes.  Thanks Andrea!

2) Veronica Guimaraes: Bacchus & Epicurus: Veronica Guimaraes' food, wine, and cooking blog (be patient, the site may take time to load all her great food images).  Veronica is a member of Yale Camerata, a vocal ensemble sponsored by the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, and the OISS "Traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy" group.  It was great to meet you Veronica!

3) Nosheteria.com: Adrienne Kane's website.  Adrienne is married to Yale Department of Music faculty member Brian Kane.  Adrienne has a bunch of free recipes on her website (including a recipe for rhubarb pie, yumm) and is the author of the cookbook "The United States of Pie" (published 2012-05).  Congratulations Adrienne!

4) Science Park Community Outreach: (2012-06) We spoke to one of the editors in November, 2012 and he said they are almost ready to print, but still accepting recipes.

Chef Conference Speakers & Yale Program Supporters:

Several of these descriptions were originally located on the "History of Food at Yale" and the "Internet Links & Resources" pages, but this page is a better home.

1) Jacques Pepin is a supporter of the Yale Farm and serves on the Yale Farm's "Advisory Board".

Jacques Pepin on KQED: (link to YouTube videos) Each episode is a little less than 30 minutes!  After you click on the YouTube link simply add the recipe name you hope to locate to the "hardwired" YouTube search.
Jacques Pepin on KQED: (KQED website) Download the free 51 page (2.0 megabytes) PDF with forty-nine recipes written by Jacques Pepin.  Merci!

2) You can find excellent recipes and learn useful cooking advice by reading Mark Bittman's NY Times "Minimalist" column (which ended in 2011 after more than 13 years) including his twenty-five personal favorite recipes (2011-01-25).  Note: "The Pizza Issue" special (which has the simple URL http://nytimes.com/pizza) came out after his 25 favorite list was published.  In March, 2010 Mark spoke at Yale during a Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity seminar.

Yale Guest Chefs Series, Master's Teas, & Consultants:

Several of these descriptions were originally located on the "History of Food at Yale" and the "Internet Links & Resources" pages, but this page is a better home.

In reverse chronological order:

1) Bryant Terry is a chef who is known for his afro-vegan cooking and his dedication to the food justice movement.  On April 14, 2014 Bryant was a guest chef at Yale University.

2) Tal Ronnen is a chef who is known for his vegan cooking.  On November 20, 2013 Tal was a guest chef at Yale University.

3) Bun Lai is the owner and creative director of Miya's Sushi.  The menu at Miya's promotes "sustainable sushi".  Bun has been an active supportor of food events in New Haven and within the Yale community (including a "Food Day - Food Action" event held at the Yale Peabody Museum on October 24, 2012 and the "Nourish New Haven" conference held at the Yale Divnity School on February 22-23, 2013).  Several of his innovative Japanese-inspired sushi recipes are available (see the "New Haven Restaurant, Food Cart, & Bakery Recipes" section below for the links).  Thanks Bun!

4) Bryan Voltaggio and his brother Michael are chefs, restaurant owners, and TV cookshow competitors.  On October 3, 2012 Bryan was a guest chef at Yale University.

5) Tamar Adler, chef and cookbook author, discussed her approaches to food and living at a Saybrook College Master's Tea (a Yale Daily News link) on April 5, 2012.  If you were not able to attend her talk you may be interested in watching her discuss "Who is a Clever Chef?" during an independent TEDxMontclair talk.  If you are reading this then you have the potential to be a clever chef.

6) Diane Kochilas is a Greek food writer and consultant.  She was a guest chef at Yale University on January 25, 2012.  Diane spoke at a Master's Tea (Jonathan Edwards College) and also gave a cooking class sponsored by the Yale Hellenic Studies Program.  If you attended the cooking class are you interested in writing a summary the event or sharing your recipe notes?  To learn more about Diane's trip to Yale check out the YouTube video (uploaded by YouTube user GreekFoodTV).

Diane Kochilas' website has Greek recipes organized by ingredient and by season-holidays.

7) Mai Pham is a master chef and restaurant owner, located in Sacremento, who specializes in southeast Asian cuisines.  In December (???) 2011, Mai made a trip to New Haven and advised Yale University Dining Services on Asian salads and "banh mi" sandwiches.

8) Denise Appel is the chef of the New Haven restaurant Zinc.  On October 20, 2011 she created a menu of four different salads based on soba noodles, quinoa, beans-corn, and butternut squash (a Yale Daily News link) and gave a Master's Tea at Silliman.  Several of her market inspired menu recipes are available (see the "New Haven Restaurant, Food Cart, & Bakery Recipes" section below for the links).  Thanks Denise!

9) Mark Furstenberg is a master chef, baker, and Washington, DC restaurant owner.  He developed the bread program at the Culinary Institute of America (Greystone, Napa Valley).  On a cold wintery day in February 2011, Mark developed a dinner menu based on bread (Sam, thanks for your blog) and gave a Master's Tea at Davenport.  You can find many of his recipes via the Google recipe link.

10) Lars Kronmark was hosted by Yale University Dining Services on 2011-01-13 as part of their Guest Chef Series.  Lars is from the Culinary Institute of America (Greystone, CA) and was invited to help Yale develop a Scandanavian menu.  From May 9-11, 2012 the CIA organized a national conference titled "Healthy Flavors, Healthy Kids".   The 157 page conference packet (just 1.6 megabytes) has recipes, but no photos, for the dishes served during the conference meals!  Recipes start on pages 35 and there is a recipe index on page 152.  Note: If you learn how to optimize your internet searches you can locate other CIA PDFs.

11) Suvir Saran is a chef (and owner of the only Indian restaurant in the US with a Michelin star), author, and upstate New York farmer (where goats and chickens are raised and berries and flowers are grown).  In November, 2009 he was a guest chef at Yale University where he created a menu inspired by peanuts (a Yale Daily News link) and gave a Master's Tea at Branford.  On his website you can find several recipes and a descriptions of spices used in Indian cooking (including a recipe for homemade garam masala).  You can find many more of his recipes via the Google recipe link.

12) John Barricelli is a third generation baker and author who owns the SoNo Baking Company & Cafe in South Norwalk, CT.  He is the (co)host of two programs on PBS.org.  In January, 2009 he was a guest chef at Yale University where he gave a baking lesson at Jonathan Edwards (a Yale Daily News link).  He taught the students how to make a flourless chocolate cake.  You can find this recipe (click on the Recipes tab and look under cakes) and other John Barricelli dessert recipes on the Everyday Baking website (a PBS.org program).  Before you spoil your appetite do not forget to bookmark the John Barricelli (and friends) recipes available on the Everyday Food website (another PBS.org program).

13) In September 2008 (perhaps before the Yale Chefs Series became an official program?) Ivy Noodle owner Nuanmin Guo helped the Yale Dining Halls develop recipes for more authentic Asian food (a Yale Daily News link).  YaleCooks is hoping he will share a recipe with YaleCooks members!

Yale Final Cut ("Iron Chef") Guest Judges:

1) Barton Seaver is an author, chef, and National Geographic fellow (with a focus on ocean conservation).  He was a "Final Cut" guest judge in 2012.  Barton, thanks for the recipes.

Yale Offices, Projects, Research, Centers, & Courses:

The Yale University Library has a cookbook collection of over 300 volumes!

1) Undergraduate Career Services: Life After Yale Chapter 5 (pp 49-68) of the annual (since 2002) UCS "post-college life skills" guide is called "Becoming Iron Chef".  Besides Monika A, YC '10, most of the recipes were contributed before 2005 (the "Final Cut" competition started in 2008).  Many thanks to Melissa Berkey.  YaleCooks is offering our help.

2) Yale Office of Sustainability: The (older) Yale Farm's WordPress blog has a few recipes.

3) Yale Information Technology Services published recipes for peach cobbler and kale salad from their Aug 2012 barbecue.

4) Yale Dining Halls: Their website and smart phone app offer nutrition and food allergy information.

5) Rudd Center for Obesity & Food Policy: Nutrition advice and a few recipes (just 8 pages).

6) History of Food and Cuisine: (Humanities 437b/History 212J6) Professor Paul Freedman's list of course resources (some of the links are broken).

Organizations Supporting Yale University, the AYA, & New Haven:

1) God's Love We Deliver: Karen Pearl, the CEO of the "God's Love We Deliver" food-nutrition nonprofit gave the opening talk during the September, 2011 "AYA Global Volunteer Service Leadership Forum".  The GLWD website has several recipes!

2) CitySeed: The New Haven-based nonprofit organization started by alum Jennifer McTiernan H. (YC '99).  CitySeed organizes several green markets in Connecticut and supports locally sourced foods.  Their "Cocina New Haven" (2009-2010) cookbook, which encourages healthy eating, includes a "Root Root Soup" recipe by Yale SOM Cook Gregory Williams (page 40) and a "Bee Bim Bop" recipe from the Oriental Pantry store-restaurant (page 71).

New Haven Restaurant, Food Cart, & Bakery Recipes:

1) Bentara: The Malaysian restaurant owned by owner, chef, and cookbook author Hazni "Jeff" Ghazali.  If you want the recipe for beef rendang please contact YaleCooks.  Many thanks to Malaysia Kitchen NYC for hosting several of Jeff's recipes.  Enjoy!

2) Caseus: The Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro is the source of the cheese used to make the grilled cheese sandwiches served by The Cheese Truck (the inspired mobile kitchen "food cart" by chef Jeffrey Weaver).  According to an article in the NY Times (2010-11-26) the six main cheeses used are Comte, provolone, extra-sharp Vermont cheddar, gruyere, raclette, and Gouda.  The Caseus website has several recipes.  Thanks Jason Sobocinski!

3) Claire's Corner Copia: The source for authentic "Lithuanian Coffee Cake" and other healthier vegetarian food.  Thanks Claire Criscuolo!

4) Bun Lai, a sustainable food advocate, is the owner and creative director of Miya's Sushi.  Several of his innovative Japanese-inspired sushi recipes are available on the EatingWell.com website.  Thanks Bun!

5) Judies European Bakery: On 2010-05-12 the New Haven Register published an article about Judies European Bakery which contains a recipe for French Peasant Bread.  Thanks Judie!

6) Stephen Fries: Stephen Fries, New Haven Register writer, Gateway Community College faculty member, and local New Haven foodie has a blog with two years of recipes (posted on five pages).  Thanks Stephen, for sharing the Peasant Bread Recipe from Judies European Bakery (listed above) and the recipe for zeppoles (an Italian version of "deep fried dough" prepared during holidays and street fairs-festivals) from the Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro (2011-12-08; currently on page 3; reached via "Older Posts")!

7) Denise Appel is the chef of Zinc.  Recipes for many of the market inspired dishes at Zinc can be found on Denises' personal website.


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