If you have an idea for a YaleCooks "tech project" (eg. a smart phone app) please contact YaleCooks.

What Do the Small Icons Indicate?

1) Credit to YaleCook members who submit short comments and annotations is indicated by the YaleCooks "favicon" graphic (a plant with two leaves).  Simply move your computer mouse over the icon and a small popup will reveal who wrote the text (or supplied the information).  Try it now!

2) To speed up your browsing "external" internet links which are marked by the graphic open in new browser tabs (or new browser windows, depending on your computer is configured).  To "return" to the YaleCooks website simply close the tab (the "Ctrl-W" or "command-W" short-cut "hot-keys" work on most systems).  This approach to using the internet is eventually much faster than hitting the "back" button, because the original website does not need to reload.

To learn how to use this approach with other web sites read the "computer tips" page (see below).

3) Other icons indicate a link may be for an Acrobat PDF (), a Google search (), a YouTube video (), or a Microsoft Office document (, , and ).

Computer Tips:


1) Common OS & Application Hot-Keys

2) Internet Browser Hot-Keys
3) Internet Browser Plugins, Add-ons, & Extensions

4) "Open-Source" Software (including free software similar to MS Office and Adobe PhotoShop)
5) "Freeware" Software


Optimize Your Internet Searches:

1) Please contact YaleCooks know if you want us to develop a tutorial to describe how to locate the most useful results using internet search engines.  For example, Google or Bing results may show a single PDF, but there are ways to search for similar, but unlisted, PDFs on specific websites.

Social Media & Online Apps:

1) Help us improve the YaleCooks website.

2) Please let us know if you want YaleCooks to develop a tutorial to describe how to create free survey-registration forms using "Google docs."  Did you know you can modify some of the Google docs form fields using CSS?  On the YaleCooks online food-cooking survey the text which begins "An organization whose members believe sharing information, food, and family recipes can make the world a better place" was modified using CSS.

3) A list of Yale-related Twitter accounts (we realize this will be a time savings list for future groups, but we are busy with other projects such as creating recipes).

YaleCooks and Search Engine Optimization:

YaleCooks will try to document if our attempts to optimize our "page ranking" in search engine results succeed.


YaleCooks Website Site Map:

The main YaleCooks website pages (but not the recipes).



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