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Cupcake Baking and Southern Comfort Food Memories by Linda T, Yale College '96 (contributed 2012-10-04)

1) Here is a spontaneous memory from Linda T who graduated from Yale College before the student kitchen in Timothy Dwight was renovated in 2002:

"Seeing this made me giggle.  I remember using the kitchen in TD to make cupcakes and one of my fellow 96ers stopped to peek in and was fascinated.  I was just making Betty Crocker cupcakes from a box since there was VERY limited equipment back then but she had never baked before and was fascinated.  In fact, I remember I was one of the few in my class that knew how to cook anything other than grilled cheese and ramen.  :)"

Linda also shared a tip for baking cupcakes: "My favorite trick is to substitute Melipone Mexican vanilla for regular vanilla.  It has a really rich flavor that will make your cakes and frostings smell amazing!"

2) Here is another story from Linda T (thank you for sharing your mom's fried chicken secret):

"One of my best friends from TD was from Alabama and awfully homesick for some southern comfort food.  So we planned a dinner at our apartment in the Kelly House.  We invited friends from Arkansas and the Florida panhandle.  My friend decided on black eye peas, fried okra, biscuits and gravy... but the one thing that was missing was fried chicken.  We all consulted and determined that my southern friends' parents always picked up takeout chicken (KFC, Church's, etc).  No one actually had a family fried chicken recipe.  That's how I (the girl from Indiana) ended up making the fried chicken.  My mom's secret is to marinate the chicken in a little pepper, garlic powder and soy sauce before the breading/batter - it makes the chicken extra juicy and flavorful."

Sheril Frano, Yale University (photos contributed 2012-09-20):

Latte with the yellow all-butter cake with mocha frosting

"Going Home via New York City" by Sheril Frano (story contributed 2012-09-20)

'In a quest to satisfy a craving for my ex-pat friend of 17 years, we jumped aboard the Metro North to NYC last week, and hopped the subway to the "The Chip Shop" in Brooklyn.  I chose the classic "Cod & Chips" and ex-pat friend opted for the "Steak and Kidney Pie & Chips", a real chip chop staple.  To really bring it home, she added brown gravy AND curry sauce.  Ex-pat friend is from Northern England, it has to be said (and I am from Southern England).  English chips are typically fried in sunflower oil and fries here, canola oil.  A less obvious difference is the type of potatoes used.  The side of tartar sauce for my fish was tangy and creamy with flecks of dill which added an extra dimension to the flavor(u)r.'

Read Sheril's complete story describing a trip in September, 2012 to several foodie destinations in New York City.

Sheril's list of classic-traditional British food can be found on the "European-Atlantic Ocean" recipes page.

Cynthia Chan, Yale University, class of 2015 (photos contributed 2012-09-16):


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