??? + Yale Community = Answers

To add your questions (or answers) to these lists please contact YaleCooks!

Request for Recipes:

1) Does anyone have experience baking an "authentic" NYC-style bagel (and any special "tricks")?

2) Does anyone have experience making Chinese "hand pulled noodles"?

3) Do you or your relatives/friends have any "family treasure" recipes which you do not want to lose?

Miscellaneous Questions and Requests for "How-To" Advice:

1) I want to give a friend a cookbook as a gift.  Any suggestions?

2) Which ingredients do you purchase locally and what do you buy online or mail order?

3) Does anyone have experience growing grapes (viticulture) and possibly making wine?

4) Do you have any stories to share about raising chickens?

5) Can alumni who went to culinary school (including those who are not food "professionals") describe their experiences?  YaleCooks also want to develop content focusing on "careers" in the food field (a pun!).


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