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YaleCooks in NYC - Thai Cuisine Potluck Dinner & Group Learning: (New York City; Saturday, February 23, 2013)

  Updates  : (2013-02-12) There are still seats available for this event.  If winter storm Nemo required rescheduling of other important commitments hopefully your new February calendar now permits you to spend a few relaxing hours with other "Yale community" members.  Also, if you do not drink wine then just bring a Thai entree to share during the potluck dinner.  Registration (see below) for this event will close on Thursday, February 14, 2013.

General Theme: Thai cuisine potluck dinner

Date: February 23, 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Hosts: Yvette Shen (Yale College, Class of 2008) and Eric Michels (Friend of Yale)

Location: In an apartment in Manhattan on the Upper West Side.  The address will be shared after your RSVP is confirmed.

Tranportation: Walking distance from C / 1 trains.

Program-Group Activity: "How Does One Make Pad Thai?"

With luck, one of the participants will know how to make this tasty dish.  However, we'll plan for the possibility that making this is new to most of us.  We ask that each participant research a Pad Thai recipe (see below for suggestions) and send it to the two hosts by February 16.  We'll work out what seems common to the recipes and/or especially interesting, compile a final recipe, gather the necessary ingredients, and take the lead in cooking this dish.  We'll consider it an experimental event where we'll all critique the product and propose changes to the recipe for future attempts.  Everyone will receive a copy of the recipe for the dinner, which will make an excellent place to take any notes as we critique and propose improvements.

A Potluck-Style Event: What You Need to Bring

In addition to researching and forwarding a Pad Thai recipe, we ask that each participant bring one additional Thai dish to share, potluck-style.

Note: The "regional cuisines" pages on the YaleCooks website have suggested Thai dishes (including help locating pad thai recipes).  Remember, on the "regional cuisines" pages just click on the small Google, Bing, and YouTube icons to see images and links to recipes and videos.

If you share our interest in exploring wine & food combinations please bring a bottle to drink with dinner.  We've found that bigger white wines (Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Grüner Veltliner, Vouvray, etc ) taste especially good with Thai food but would be very interested in other's pairing successes.

Unfortunately, the kitchen is truly New York sized, which will prevent everyone from cooking the additional dishes at the event but simple finishing or reheating will be fine.

Number of Guests: We can seat 8 comfortably so we have room for 6 guests in addition to the 2 hosts.

Who's Invited? If you consider yourself a member of the "Yale community" (Yale College students, Graduate and Professional students, alumni from all Yale schools, Yale faculty, staff, fellows, postdocs, scholars, guest speakers, partners, spouses, family, friends, neighbors, businesses-organizations, etc.) then we want to meet you!

RSVP: If you are already a member of YaleCooks simply complete our short event registration form.   If you and several friends are interested in attending each person should RSVP separately (but indicate your desire to attend as a group when you register).  If you have not completed the online YaleCooks survey please first RSVP (using the previous link) and then complete the NYC version of the online YaleCooks food-cooking survey.   Your time and survey answers will help the YaleCooks leaders plan events which interest you.  Thanks!


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