"White" Garlic Pizza (made with just unbleached bread flour)

"White" Garlic Pizza (slightly underbaked)

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[email protected] - YaleCooks Potluck Dinner: (New Haven; Wednesday, February 20, 2013)

 New Requests : To simplify the post-eating cleanup please bring a bowl-plate and a fork-spoon to use to eat ("BYOBF").  If you plan to attend this event please "RSVP" (details at the end of this description, below "Who's Invited?").

Cooking Workshop-Demonstration: The homemade pizza Stephen made for the February 13 potluck dinner was very popular.  He has agreed to bake more on February 20.  He will prepare the dough ahead of time, but he will bake at least two pies between 6 PM and 6:30 PM.  He will use the YaleCooks pizza recipe.

Potluck Theme: In the food you prepare to share with other YaleCooks members please feel free to use any food ingredient.  We encourage members to eat more vegetarian food.  Remember, in our "KITCHENS" acronym the "S" stands for sustainable.  Thanks for being creative!

Your "Contribution": For this potluck meal please bring an entree or dessert to share.  If you are unsure how much food to prepare here is an answer (if you bring more expect to take home leftovers; thanks for being generous!).  YaleCooks wants to encourage simple, inexpensive, home cooking (remember our "KITCHENS" acronym).  There is no reason to rush out to the market to shop for this event, unless your refrigerator is empty and you were already planning to go shopping.

If there is a dish you have always wanted to learn to make, but you do not have a recipe or need advice-tips from an experienced cook simply purchase the food from a restaurant.  It is an excellent way to inspire other cooks in the group to share what they know.

If you are a Yale College student who is on the meal plan your "contribution" to the meal can be fresh tofu (just $1.40 for three cakes) purchased from the Hong Kong Market located half a block away on Whitney.  If you are on a tight student budget we can work out some arrangment.  For example, can you stay until the end and help clean up?

Agenda: An informal way to meet other members of the Yale community who are interested in food-cooking.  The main focus of the event is to simply meet each other and to explore common interests.  Let's make plans to cook together and share food-related stories as we cut, knead, boil, stir-fry, laugh, cry (over onions), and eat together.

One important topic we need to discuss is how we can use social media (eg. Twitter, Facebook, and the website) to describe what we are doing and to communicate with members of the Yale community interested in food-cooking.  Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook (links to these accounts are in the left "pane", below the search and translate features).

Also, bring your calendars (we now have meeting dates confirmed for the rest of the year!).  We will discuss what activities are most appealing and what days (and times) are convenient for the most people.  It is likely we will repeat the most popular cooking-focused events.  According to the online YaleCooks survey dumplings, vegetarian food, Asian food, breads, 30 minute meals, and gluten-free recipes are very popular topics.

Although many future events will be child-friendly, one thing we want to discuss is how to make cooking-eating events child-safe and, if possible, interesting and educational for children (of all ages).

Date: February 20, 2013 (Wednesday)

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: The Yale International Center (421 Temple Street, between Grove and Trumbull, across the street from Helen Hadley Hall), home of the Office of International Students & Scholars MAP

Parking: If you are driving you can park in the lot in front of the IC after 5:30 PM (please check the signs to be sure).

Who's Invited? If you consider yourself a member of the "Yale community" (Yale College students, Graduate and Professional students, alumni from all Yale schools, Yale faculty, staff, fellows, postdocs, scholars, guest speakers, partners, spouses, family, friends, neighbors, businesses-organizations, etc.) then we want to meet you!  If you are a member of Yale ISPY please join us!

RSVP: If you are already a member of YaleCooks simply send us an email (with an appropriate email Subject, such as "New Haven YaleCooks Event: RSVP 2013-02-20") to know let us know you plan to attend and also what food dish you are planning to bring.  If you are not already a YaleCooks member please complete our quick online food-cooking survey.   If you and several of your friends are planning to attend the meal each person should RSVP separately.  Thanks!


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