We are looking for new ways to use food to build stronger communities by (re)connecting people.  If your Yale school, department, program, center, Shared Interest-Identity Group (SIG), club, organization, association, or business-company wants to become a YaleCooks partner or collaborator please contact YaleCooks.

Yale University and Affiliated Groups:

Here is a link to the official AYA Share Interest-Identity Group (SIG) page.

1) Yale Day of Service: (YDOS) The YDOS is the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) initiative which promotes opportunities for community improvement through global volunteerism.

The 2012 YDOS activities included preparing food (eg. at "God's Love We Deliver"), serving food at soup kitchens (eg. at the "St. Xavier's Soup Kitchen"), bagging food for distribution at food pantries (eg. at the "Yorkville Common Pantry"), and teaching cooking lessons (eg. at "Friends of the Children" middle school and high school students were taught how to fold the dumplings used to prepare a healthy and inexpensive Chinese wonton soup).

The date of the next YDOS is listed on the YaleCooks "Mission-Vision" page.

2) Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA): Cooking activities will be used to promote healthy diets, cultural appreciation, and community improvement during future "Yale Day of Service" events.

Other Organizations:

1) Friends of the Children - NY (FOTC-NY): During a 2012 "Yale Day of Service" activity hosted by the FOTC-NY nonprofit organization Yale alumni taught the young children ("Achievers") how to fold wonton dumplings and prepare a healthy and frugal chicken broth from scratch.  Click here for the recipe.

Future Partnerships:

There is a long list of "Yale community" plus New Haven and Connecticut organizations with which YaleCooks hopes to collaborate.  Let's team up and make the world a better place!


Community Projects:

The Yale community is a great resource for learning about ingredients, recipes, and different cultures.  YaleCooks would like to get more involved with local community organizations and groups.  How can we help you and what can we learn from each other?


Becoming Iron Chef: How to Win "Final Cut"

We thought this might grab your attention.  Of course, YaleCooks cannot predict the "secret ingredient(s)", but with our guidance and help your residential college team may become more competitive.  You may not win, but you will definitely improve your culinary skills.


Tech Projects: Current and Future

To help other emerging Yale groups, clubs, and associations YaleCooks is documenting how it is using technology to engage more members of the Yale community.

For example, how to improve your website's ranking in internet search engines.



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