More categories will be added as necessary.  Please contact YaleCooks!

Yale-New Haven Menus:

1) When you attended Yale what "memorable" food (good or bad) was served by the Yale University Dining Services (YUDS)?
2) What are some menu suggestions from the Yale Farm for their seasonal vegetables and fruits?

3) Potluck menus and Yale event menus.

4) Food Carts: New Haven.
5) Restaurants: New Haven.

"Specialty" Menus:

1) The YaleCooks list of "30-Minutes or Less Recipes" (save time and stay involved with the AYA).
2) The YaleCooks list of "Recipes for Children" (what dishes do children enjoy preparing and eating?).
3) The YaleCooks list of recipes for "Food Allergies & Special Diets" (eg. gluten allergies or (pre-)diabetes).

Yale Authors:

1) "Yale Community Recipes" (eg. recipe collections written by students, alumni, and other members of the Yale community plus lists of our favorite cookbooks).  This page is often one of the top results if you search the internet for information related to food-recipes-cooking and Yale.

Web Resources: Recipes

1) What are your favorite food-related internet links & resources?  Our selections includes general recipe archives, celebrity-infamous chefs (eg. Julia Child, Jacque Pepin, and Martha Stewart), specific recipe categories such as breads, cooking equipment suppliers-retailers, etc.


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