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Organization Status: (an attempt to be transparent)

YaleCooks is not a Yale University Shared Interest-Identity Group, (SIG) but YaleCooks may seek this recognition from the AYA (Association of Yale Alumni) and the Yale GSAA (Graduate School Alumni Association) after the organization becomes more established.

If you are considering starting a new Yale SIG one way to learn what steps are easy to complete and what steps require more patience is to read the YaleCooks "Guide for Emerging Yale Alumni Organizations" page where the YaleCooks experience is described.

YaleCooks has begun to create official "chapters" in New Haven (eg. "Foodies@Yale"; see below).

Yale Shared Interest-Identity Groups:

YaleCooks hopes members of different Yale SIGs will share "best practices" which have worked well for them (and which practices to avoid, because they did not work as well as expected, using a defined set of resources).

National and Global Potential:

Within a few years YaleCooks can easily become a national "Yale community" group with local groups in each of the seven AYA "major cities".  Since many Yale students, post-docs, fellows, and guests come from other countries YaleCooks has the potential of expanding around the globe.  We are glad the Yale Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) is supporting the "Foodies@Yale" ISPY group (see below).

YaleCooks Chapters in New Haven:

New Haven is special (only partly because you or someone you know studied-worked at Yale), but also because the number of "Yale community" members is so large.

Are you interested in starting a "school specific" chapter of YaleCooks in New Haven?  We can share ideas and resources which will guide you around possible pitfalls.

In New Haven, the YaleCooks group hopes to recruit active members from Yale College (hopefully at least one or two students from each of the twelve Yale residential colleges) and members from each of the Yale Graduate & Professional Schools.  YaleCooks appreciates that university students always seem to be hungry and we have plans to accommodate this interest in "free food".

Some Yale offices, such as the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) support Yale students from all the university's schools, scholars visiting Yale, and their spouses-partners.  Hopefully, members of the Yale faculty and staff plus members of different Yale centers and programs will see the overlap between their personal interests-missions and what YaleCooks hopes to accomplish.

• The ISPY Foodies@Yale (ISPY = International Spouses and Partners at Yale) chapter of YaleCooks now has a new "group coordinator", ISPY member Anjana M.  Thanks Anjana, for inspiring us with all your great cooking and recipes!  The ISPY Foodies@Yale group is now listed on the OISS "All Events" calendar (which can be reached by only one click from the OISS home page).  We hope this means more members of the Yale community will attend YaleCooks events.

YaleCooks in New York City:

The New York City metropolitan area is where the largest concentration of Yale alumni live and work.

On Saturday, February 2, 2013 an organizing-planning meeting was held at the "Yee Li" restaurant located in New York City's Manhattan Chinatown to discuss starting a YaleCooks chapter.  If you are interested in attending (or if you cannot attend, but want us to share your thoughts with the group) please contact YaleCooks (via the survey is best for this purpose).  For those with evening plans, the event will be over by 4:30 PM.

Where Else Do YaleCooks Members Live & Cook?

We started a list (which is not updated very frequently) which describes the cities where Yale alumni have expressed an interest in starting a food group.


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