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How You Can Help YaleCooks Grow:

1) There are many things you can do, by yourself or with friends, to help support YaleCooks.

2) For example, tell your friends about YaleCooks, share YaleCooks over Facebook and Twitter.

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Future YaleCooks Events:

1) What activities (eg. cooking workshops-lessons, potluck meals, & cookie swaps) is YaleCooks planning or (co-)sponsoring (in different cities)?

2) If you want to organize a food-related event we can help you plan!

3) What are your favorite food-related movies?

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Past Event Summaries:

1) Photos, photos, and more photos from recent events (in New Haven and New York City)!

2) Learn what YaleCooks members are cooking and discussing.  What recipes are we sharing?  What unusual skills or food knowledge do we have?

3) What are your favorite food-related movies?

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Become Active in a Local YaleCooks Group:

1) YaleCooks now has members who cook in thirteen (13) cities.

2) Cooking is more fun if you can share the food you prepare and taste what other YaleCooks members are creating in their kitchens

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Start a Local Chapter:

With your enthusiasm and help YaleCooks can become a national and global Yale community group.

1) Start a Yale College, Graduate School, or Professional School group.

2) Start a YaleCooks group in your city.

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Request a Recipe or Ask for Advice:

1) Are you unhappy with the recipes you find in cookbooks, magazines, and on the internet?

2) Do you need a demonstration of a complicated cooking technique?

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Recipe Writing Guide:

1) Some suggestions for writing and submitting a recipe you want to share.

2) Please help YaleCooks develop an innovative layout for writing useful recipes.

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