You may be interested in reading other important information described on the main YaleCooks "About Us" page.

Where are your food photos?

Most of our photos can be found in two sections:

1) The bottom of the YaleCooks "home" page (where the most recent recipes are listed).

2) The "Stories, Memories, and Photos" page.

3) The "Past Event Summaries" page.

Why the name "YaleCooks"?

We chose the name YaleCooks, because "Cooks" is both an action verb and a plural noun.  We feel the name YaleCooks invokes the image of groups of Yale alumni with a common passion, getting stuff done and making the world a better place.

The name of the group is spelled YaleCooks (one word, no space) to be consistent with other organizations such as YaleWomen and YaleBoston.

Who can participate in YaleCooks events? (draft; please help improve these ideas)

Members of the extended "Yale community" currently include:

1) all Yale students (Yale College, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and Professional Schools)
2) Yale alumni (from all schools; remember, Yale College students are considered alumni after just one semester!)
3) Yale post-docs, fellows, and scholars (including those who now work elsewhere; "once a Yalie always a Yalie")
4) Yale faculty and staff (including those who have retired or who now work elsewhere; "once a Yalie always a Yalie")
5) seminar speakers including visiting chefs and Master's Teas guests
6) family members (including spouses and partners plus children) and friends of Yalies (yes, even Harvard people)
7) organizations / companies which support Yale programs and the Yale-AYA strategic plans

Are YaleCooks events really free?

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

The first ten YaleCooks events (held in New Haven in 2012) were free.  Our hope is to keep our events free.  At some events such as cooking workshops where expensive ingredients are needed, where space needs to be rented, where hiring a security guard is part of the agreement to use a space, or if a lot of planning-coordination time is required we will ask for a small voluntary donation to support the activity.

Participation in YaleCooks sponsored potluck meals is free.  However, the expectation is that participants will bring food (hopefully prepared in home "KITCHENS", but if not, that is okay) to share with the other potluck participants.  The assumption is that you believe preparing-buying-growing food is as interesting as eating the food or that you simply want to learn more about food and cooking.  YaleCooks members are interested in discussing different aspects of food, sharing with each other what we know about food, and also asking each other questions about food.

If you learn about a YaleCooks potluck meal just hours before it starts, then do not worry about your contribution to the meal.  We would rather than you join the meal, meet the other members, and share your interest in food-cooking.  The next time you join the YaleCooks group for a potluck meal simply bring "twice the usual amount".

Helping Yale students (both from Yale College and the Yale Graduate and Professional Schools) develop their knowledge of ingredients and culinary skills is one of the group's many goals.  However, at the moment, the YaleCooks group does not have the resources to hold "free food" events on campus, just to feed hungry students.  Although we recognize that Yale Graduate and Professional students (who are usually not on a university meal plan) and Yale College students will attend campus events just because they have free food or beer please realize this is not our mission-vision.

However, the YaleCooks group is happy to provide "free food" in exchange for student interest-involvement which will support future YaleCooks activities.  For example, to help plan future cooking workshops (which will be designed to benefit all members of the Yale community, including those who cannot attend the workshops) and to create recipes which Yale College students can prepare in their residential college student kitchens it is helpful to have a "current" inventory of equipment and supplies from each student kitchen.  If there are one or two students from each of the twelve Yale College residential colleges who are willing to invite us into their residential college kitchens so we can do a quick 15 - 20 minute inventory the YaleCooks group will be happy to teach a free pizza workshop.  In exchange for your time you can learn to make pizza or simply eat free pizza!  Usually it does not require five students from one residential college to give a tour of a student kitchen, but if you can convince us that all five are sincerely interested in food-cooking then all five can join the pizza-fest.  Quid pro quo.

In which cities does YaleCooks have active groups?

YaleCooks is always trying to expand.  Check out the "Local YaleCooks Groups" page.

How do I join YaleCooks?

We love new members.  Check out the YaleCooks "Get Involved - Get More Information" page which has links to our online food-cooking survey and email address.

What are examples of YaleCooks milestones?

The need for a Yale FIG (a "Food Interest Group") became clear in 2011 during several AYA sponsored events (eg. the Yale Day of Service).

More focused "conceptual development" started early in 2012, but the website was not created until June 2012.

1) The first HTML files were uploaded, including our Mission & Vision statements (2012-06-06).
2) Our 1st recipe, Wonton Soup Dumplings & Homemade Chicken Broth, was added (2012-06-06).
3) "Friends of the Children-NY" becomes the first official YaleCooks partner (2012-06-08).
4) Our 2nd recipe, "Wooster Square New Haven-Style" pizza, was added (2012-06-11).
5) The YaleCooks website is now in the public Google search engine database (2012-06-11).  Cool!
6) Yale Blue Green described the YaleCooks website on its FaceBook page (2012-07-18).  Thanks!
7) YaleCooks held an organizing-planning event in New Haven (2012-09-21).
8) YaleCooks held its first "weekly" potluck dinner in New Haven (2012-09-26).
9) The Asian Network @ Yale described the YaleCooks website on its FaceBook page (2012-11-12).  Thanks!
10) More than twenty members of the Yale-New Haven communities attended our Pre-Thanksgiving Feast (2012-11-21)
11) YaleCooks held its first cooking workshop (baking bread) in New Haven (2012-11-28; link added 2012-11-23).

What has YaleCooks accomplished?

Read our "Past Events Summaries" page.

Read our "What's New" page (which honestly, is not very current, because after we describe recent events and new recipes we often forget to add the information).  Bookmark the YaleCooks "Events" page.


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