If you want us to include your favorite Yale-New Haven dish(es) please contact YaleCooks!  Or add your favorite dishes quickly by using the comments section (at the bottom of the page).

The first version of this list was created using the online survey data collected from members of the "Yale community" expressing interest in forming a New York City chapter of YaleCooks.

YaleCooks hopes to plan events where members of the Yale community will collaborate and cook together with the simple goal of creating satisfying versions of their favorite Yale-New Haven dishes.

YaleCooks will share these "copy cat" recipes.

Yale Dining Services Menu Selections:

If you cannot remember what you ate while at Yale we put together an incomplete list of foods served by Yale University Dining Services in 2012.


1) Pancakes
2) Eggs & Bacon (hot breakfast)
3) Eli Breakfast Sandwiches
4) Steel-cut oats
5) Yale Waffles

Vegetables, Grains, & Starches:

1) Baked Ziti, Meatless
2) Creamy corn "mush" casserole
3) Hummus (a recipe contributed by a YaleCooks member)
4) Berkeley Mac and Cheese
5) French Fries (from KBT)
6) Lentil Soup
7) Pizza bagels (a recipe contributed by a YaleCooks member)
8) Roasted Root Vegetables
9) Salads
10) Stuffed Squash
11) Sweet Potatoes au Gratin
12) Tortellini Soup


1) Alice's Savory Herb Meatballs
2) Burgers (from SOM and grass-fed)
3) Galician Broth (caldo gallego)
4) Chicken Tenders and Patties (boneless deep fried chicken)
5) Enchiladas
6) "French Dip" Sandwich (roast beef)
7) General Tso's Choices (and dishes related to "sesame chicken")
8) Lamb with Mint Jelly
9) Lobster Bisque
10) London Broil
11) Moussaka
12) Pizza (a recipe contributed by a YaleCooks member) with spicy buffalo chicken
13) Turkey Legs
14) Turkey-Broccoli Stir Fry (and dishes similar to "Chicken, Broccoli, and Garlic Sauce")


1) Apple Crisp
2) Bread Pudding
3) Brownie Walnut Pudding
4) Cookies
5) Lithuanian Coffee Cake (from Claire's Corner Copia)
6) Magic Bars
7) Organic Brownies
8) Pecan Pie
9) Strawberry Shortcake

Other Foods:

1) Latin American foods


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