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British-English: (thanks to Sheril Frano for suggesting many of these dishes)

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On the "Stories, Memories, & Photos" page Sheril Frano describes a foodies trip to New York City in search of British food.

Many of the foods on the Mory's menu are inspired by British foods, including Welsch rarebit, their soups, and Yorkshire pudding.

1) bakewell tart (frangipane sponge and jam in pastry crust)
2) bangers & mash (sausage with mashed potatoes and gravy)
3) beef Wellington (beef roasted inside a pastry shell)
4) bubble & squeak (pan fried mash potato and cabbage hash)
5) cornish pasties (minced beef, potatoes, swede encased in pastry; a meat pie)
6) cottage pie (shepherd's pie, minced lamb, onion, vegetables gravy topped with mashed potato)
7) crumpets ("English muffins")
8) custard (including the YouTube video recommended by Sheril)
9) Eton mess (meringue, fresh cream and berries)

10) fish and chips (deep fried battered fish and potatoes)


11) flapjack, oatmeal granola-like bars
12) gooseberry fool (creamy fruit mousse) (including the YouTube video recommended by Sheril)
13) ginger beer
14) hot cross buns
15) jam
16) Ploughman's lunch (crusty English bread, cheeses, ham, salad and pickles)
17) rhubard crumble (stewed fruit with topping of flour & butter)
18) scones (a biscuit)
19) shortbread ()
20) spotted Dick & custard (steamed suet pudding containing currants)
21) steak & kidney pie, served with chips (steak, kidney, vegetables & gravy in pie crust)
22) sticky toffee pudding (steamed fruit sponge cake with toffee sauce)
23) summer pudding (white bread pudding full of summer berries; served cold)
24) swiss roll (jelly roll of thin sponge cake filled with jam and/or buttercream)
25) toad in the hole (sausage "bangers" in Yorkshire pudding batter; see below)
26) treacle tart (golden syrup, oats and citrus in pastry crust)
27) trifle, with berries
28) trifle, sherry (alternating layers of sponge, fruit, custard & cream)
29) Yorkshire pudding (British-style "popovers", with a moist custard-like interior, for roast dinners)
30) Welsh rarebit (specialized cheese on toast-grilled cheese)

Irish: (thanks to Allen K for suggesting many of these dishes)

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1) colcannon (Irish potato salad)
2) corned beef with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes
3) Irish brown bread
4) Irish soda bread
5) shepherd's pie
6) smoke salmon, Irish
7) stew, beef
8) stew, lamb


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1) black bun (nuts and dried fruit surrounded by a pastry shell)
2) cranachan (cream, whiskey, and honey with toasted oats and berries)
3) neeps, aka swedes (rutabagas or turnips)
4) scones, tottie or tattie (potato)
5) toffee shortcake ()

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