Help us add detailed information with practical advice.  More categories will be added as necessary.

Traditional and Specialty Cookware:

If you use traditional or "specialty" kitchen equipment (eg. a Thai mortar and pestle or a Mexican tortilla press) which you consider essential in your kitchen, but which are not found in most American kitchens please contact YaleCooks and share your stories.  Your uncommon tool may make other common cooking tasks much easier.  We want to recommend kitchen equipment which can be used for multiple recipes.

Where Can I Purchase Used or New Kitchen Equipment?

First, check out the classified ads section on YaleStation.   If you have the free time yard sales (aka "garage sales" or "estate sales") are great places to purchase unusual (and often virtually unused) kitchen equipment.  Plus you will save a lot of money.  Also try thrift stores such as the Salvation Army (on Crown) and Good Will (in Orange, on the Boston Post Road).  Many stores which sell food (see the "Ingredients: Where to Shop" page) also sell kitchen equipment (although the quality varies; caveat emptor).  If you cannot find a local store which sells a specific kitchen gadget you need several online sources are listed on the YaleCooks "Internet Resources" page.

Student Kitchens: Residential Colleges plus Graduate & Professional Schools

Did you know each Yale residential college and most (all?) graduate and professional housing facilities have "student" kitchens?  We are not describing the large "dining halls" and we are not describing the late-evening residential college "butteries" (staffed by Yale College students), but kitchens where students can cook.  Most alumni who graduated before 1990 do not realize student kitchens existed (at least in TD) while they were still students!

Please help us describe the cooking equipment and supplies found in your Yale University kitchen.  If your Yale University student kitchen needs dried spices or herbs please contact YaleCooks.

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What Should I Buy

Do you need advice for what to buy for your kitchen or what to buy for a friend who enjoys cooking?

1) Advice for first time cooks (who are not sure how much time they can dedicate to learning a new skill, but who also do not want to be discouraged by low-quality equipment).

2) Advice for more experienced cooks (who are willing to spending slightly more when purchasing equipment which will last many years and which make food preparation easier and more enjoyable).

3) Advice for cooks with small kitchens (which do not have a lot of counter or storage space).

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Pots & Pans

1) pressure cookers
2) cast iron cookware
3) "non-stick" cookware
4) storage

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1) knives
2) magnetic knife strip
3) cutting boards
4) spoons & ladles
5) spatulas
6) scissors

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Electrical Equipment

1) table top vs hand mixers
2) immersion blenders
3) blenders
4) food processors
5) coffee grinders
6) juicers

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Measuring Equipment

1) measuring spoons
2) measuring cups (for liquids)
3) measuring cups (for dry ingredients, such as flour)
4) balances (spring vs electronic)

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Gadgets & Accessories

1) colanders
2) bread-pizza stones & peels
3) garlic presses
4) manual citrus juicers
5) graters & slicer-dicers
6) racks for roasting and cooling
7) molecular gastronomy
8) storage (including pot racks)

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Home Canning: (vegetables, jams, & jellies)

1) jars
2) screw bands (metal rings)
3) metal lids (new, not "vintage")
4) lid rack (optional)
5) funnel
6) jar lifter
7) large pot

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