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Why have an event focused just on deep frying?

Although we agree that deep frying is not the healthiest way to cook we also believe that moderation is also reasonable.  We plan to organize deep frying events (in each city with a YaleCooks chapter) only once or twice a year.  We always encourage our event participants to eat in moderation.   Selective sampling and tasting is encouraged.

Also, if the plan is to heat up a pot of oil to deep fry one recipe, why not use the hot oil to cook different foods?

Which Foods Can We Deep Fry?

Many cuisines use deep-frying in some of their traditional recipes and it is part of the mission of YaleCooks to share these traditional recipes.  Here are just a few possible suggestions.  As of February 9, 2013 there were seventy-five (75) different dishes on this list (and thirty-seven different regional cuisines).

1) African: mandazi and vetkoek

2) Argentine-Uruguayan: empanadas

3) Bengali: kochuri and luchi

4) Belgian-Netherland-Dutch: garnaalkroketten and oliebollen

5) Brazilian: acaraje

6) British: deep fried fish and chips

7) Burmese: baya kyaw

8) Chinese: youtiao, spring rolls, haam sui gok, wu gok, and jin deui

9) Colombian: bunuelos

10) Croatian: pusharatas

11) Cuban: croquetas

12) Cypriot: loukoumades

13) Egyptian: zalabiya

14) Filipino: carioca, lumpia, and tokneneng

15) Icelandic: kleinur

16) Indian: aloo chop, bhatura, gulab jamum, pakoras, poori, and samosas

17) Indonesian: pisang goreng

18) Italian: arancini, calzones, frittelle, and zeppoles

19) Egyptian: zalabiya

20) Japanese: harumaki, karaage, tempura, and tonkatsu

21) Korean: gangjeong, gim-mal-i, mandu, and tang suyook

22) Lebanese: awwamaat

23) Luxumbourg: gromperekichelcher

24) Malaysian: ayam penyet, cekodok pisang, cucur udang, cucur bawang, popia udang, sweet potato balls

25) Mexican: chimichangas, churros, and sopapillas

26) Mongolian: huushuur

27) Polish: paczki

28) Serbian: priganice

29) Slovenian: krofi

30) Syrian: awwamaat

31) Sri Lankan: parippu vada

32) Thai: khanom nok krata and rangoon

33) Tibetan: khapse, numtrak balep, and shapale

34) Turkish: falafel

35) US-Northeast: spicy "buffalo wings"

36) US-Southern: beignets, deep fried chicken, hush puppies, sweet potato fries (or are these Northeast-New England?)

37) Vietnamese: banh ran, banh tieu, and chuoi chien

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