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Cranberry Sauce Relish:

First added: 2012-12-05; Last edited: 2012-12-05

Cranberry Sauce Relish.

A Turkey & Cranberry Sauce Sandwich (on a "Bagel Baguette")

Author: Stephen Chin-Bow (Yale College).

Background: I will convert this recipe to also use weights, when I buy an accurate digital balance.

I do not remember who first introduced me to this wonderful side dish, but it has been part of my annual Thanksgiving meal since I lived in San Francisco (which I did for one year after college).

There are cranberry sauce recipes which cook the cranberries and sugar, but I prefer this fresher version.

This recipe was prepared and shared during a YaleCooks potluck dinner (2012-11-21).

Essential Supplies & Ingredients: (makes enough for four or five generous servings as a side dish)

• a food processor

• one bag (12 oz) cranberries, fresh (350 g)
• one orange, a seedless navel orange is preferred
• 1/2 cup sugar, granulated (some people add as much as 1 cup)

• 1/4 C walnuts (optional)


Preparing the Cranberries and Orange: Empty a bag of fresh cranberries into a pot or large bowl.  Fill halfway with cold tap water.  Use your hand to mix-rinse the berries.  While you are doing this remove and discard any soft-mushy berries.  Drain the berries.

If your orange is "organic" you may want to remove the zest and add it to the relish.  Otherwise, remove and discard the peel.  Divide orange into individual sections.  If you are not using a seedless orange remove and discard seeds.

Preparing the Sauce: Use a food processor to chop half the cranberries and the entire orange.  Transfer to a bowl.  Process the remaining cranberries (and the optional walnuts).  Combine with cranberry-orange mixture.  Add sugar and mix.

Refrigerate until served.

Other Options:

Cranberry sauce relish can be prepared the night before a meal (and may actually improve).  It travels very well. 

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