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We Enjoy Receiving Email!

Please let us know if there are any topics on the YaleCooks "How You Can Help" page which interest you.  If we are not busy in our kitchens, gardening, or shopping our goal is to answer your email within a few days.  One week tops.  We know how frustrating it is to feel ignored after asking a question.  We appreciate your feedback and your patience.

YaleCooks Online Food-Cooking Survey

Thank you for completing the YaleCooks online food-cooking survey:

1) CT (New Haven chapter): online food-cooking survey. (eg. Yale students, faculty, staff, local businesses, etc.)

2) NY & NJ (New York City chapter): online food-cooking survey. (including Westchester and Long Island)

3) All other regions (without local chapters): online food-cooking survey. (eg. the rest of the world)

The online survey is the best way to tell us you are interested in attending one of our events (eg. organizing planning events to start new local chapters in different cities).  Most YaleCooks events are FREE (no "cover")!

With just a few clicks you can join YaleCooks, share your interests, ask questions, vote for your favorite Yale dining hall recipes, and become an active member.

Your feedback will help us plan the activities which you find interesting.

Are You Trying to Reach a Specific YaleCooks Member or a Local YaleCooks Group?

1) First, consult our list of local YaleCooks groups (organized by region-state-cities).

2) When you contact us please include a email address (eg. or if possible as a simple way to confirm your "Yale community" affiliation.  Thanks for undertstanding!  You can activate your free "Virtual Yale Station" alumni email "forwarding" account via the AYA website.

Email Address: (Please use an informative email "Subject")

  Before you click on the address read the following:

Note: the "visible" email address shown above is correct, but if you click on the link the "automated" email address which appears in your email application ("Gmail.Com@YaleCooks") is "switched".  We did this to reduce the amount of junk email we receive from spammers who crawl the web using automated systems searching for "mailto:" email hyperlinks.


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