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Besan Ladoo: (version #1)

First added: 2012-11-10; Last edited: 2012-12-04

Anajana's "Besan Ladoo" chickpea flour (gluten-free!) cookies.

Author: Anjana Maheshwari (Yale ISPY).


This recipe is from Anjana's mother.

This recipe was prepared and shared during the first YaleCooks organizing meeting (2012-09-21) held in New Haven.

Essential Supplies & Ingredients: (makes enough for ??? balls)

• 1 non-stick pan (Editor's note: a well-seasoned cast-iron pan should also work)

• 2 cups chickpea flour (aka gram flour or besan), weight = ??? g
• 1/2 cup ghee, Indian butter (unsalted butter may be used as a substitute, but the author has never tried); weight = ???
• 1 cup sugar, weight = ??? g
• 10 - 12 almonds optional (roasted)
• 7 - 8 pistachios optional (roasted and shells removed)
• 1/2 teaspoon cardamon powder


Preparing Besan Ladoo: (40 - 50 minutes)

1) Add ghee (or butter) to pan. l Melt over high heat.

2) Add besan and lower heat to medium. Cook, stirring constantly, until besan turns golden brown (15 - 20 minutes).  Constant stirring will prevent the besan from sticking to the pan and burning.

3) Turn off the heat and allow the besan mixture to cool.  After 5 - 7 minutes determine if the mixture is cool enough to be touched with your hands.  If too hot, allow to cool for a few more minutes.

4) Add sugar, pieces of nuts, and cardamon powder.  Mix, using a spoon.

5) Form cookies (round balls are the traditional shape) using 2 tablespoons of the mixture.  Work quickly, because the mixture may not stick together if allowed to cool too much.

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