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Crumble Pomme Framboise: Apple Raspberry Crumble (version #1)

First added: 2013-01-17; Last edited: 2013-01-27

Ouardane's "Crumble Pomme Framboise" (Apple Raspberry Crumble).

Author: ().

Ingredients :
- 6-10 Apples (I like "eating" apples because they maintain shape and stay a bit firm, but cooking apples that melt yiel great results as well. As the apples are not sweetened, it's better to choose a fairly sweet variety, especially if you have raspberries as well)
- 100-200g of Raspberries (frozen work great !)

- 75g of butter (room temperature)
- 150g of flour
- 120g of sugar

- cinnamon

Modus Operandi :
Fruits :
Peel and core the apples. Slice them in cubes or quaters. Put them on the bottom of a pie pan. Optional : put 2 teaspoons of cinnamon on top of the apples. Put raspberries on top of the apples. It's preferable to have them here, because they'll end up in the middle and cook a bit less, and they'll drip their juice on the apples, instead of burning in the bottom.
Keep in mind that fruits are going to reduce in size as you cook it, so you should fill your pan as much as possible, leaving some space for the crumble.

Crumble :
In a different bowl, soften the butter a bit by working it a bit with a fork or a whip. Add flour and sugar. Mix with the tip of your fingers. Try to crumble any agregates that may form with your fingers. It should be homogenous in content, but not in granulosity (thin powder to small agregates).

Pour the powder on the fruits. It's important that it's eavenly distributed, and try not to leave any fruits surfacing. The crumble will act as a cover preventing juice from evaporating and fruits from drying.

Place in oven at 350F for 30-40minutes. The size should decrease, and the crumble should get a nice brownish colour.

Some things to consider : if your raspberries or apples are acidic, you can pour some sugar on top of your fruits. On the other hand, if you do a crumble with very sweet fruits (peaches, ananas, ...), you may want to add some lemon juice on your fruits.

Variations : crumble are great, because they leave a lot freedom to your imagination.
Some suggestions :
Crumble : Add cinamon, lemon or chocolate powder inside the crumble. You can also consider replacing a part of the flour by some crushed nuts (almonds or nuts)
Fruits : Apple and oranges (oranges peeled and sliced but with their membrane, very british taste) ; add some chocolate chips to the fruits or nutella ; apple and bananas ; apple and ananas ; apple, pears and chocolate chips + vanilla extract (very french taste) ; ananas and litchis + coconut in the crumble (for an asian inspired experience)... Get inspired ! Try stuff ! You can also probably make savoury crumble by taking the sugar out of the crumble.

This one is a bonus : it's not traditional, a friend made it up, but it's one of my favourite desert above all !
Prepare some ice cream in glasses, or "verrines". The container should be higher than wide.
Home made ice cream is perfect because you can pour it in the glasses before it's completly frozen. I recommand berries ice cream (strawberry, raspberry, ...). Leave in freeze until last minute.

Prepare some crumble (no fruits), and cook it as cookies (make small piles of crumble, roughly the same size as your ice cream container). Right before serving, cook the crumble (8-10 minutes), and pour it as soon as it's out of the oven on the ice cream. It will melt the top of the ice cream, and give you a delicious ice cream crumble. The creamy ice cream + crunchy crumble, ice/hot meeting + melting is a pure heaven. Enjoy !


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