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Ouardane's Tarte Tatin:

First added: 2012-12-13; Last edited: 2012-12-30

The last two slices of Ouardane's tarte tatin (after "flipping").

Author: Ouardane J (Yale Post-Doctoral Fellow)


This "upside down apple pie" was shared during a YaleCooks potluck dinner (2012-12-12).

Essential Supplies & Ingredients: (one pie)

• 1 French pie crust

• 8 - 10 apples, about 1.5 kilogram ()
• 50 grams sugar (50 grams = ??? cups)
• 30 grams butter, salted or unsalted ??? (30 grams = ??? tablespoons)

Modus Operandi:

Apple Filling-Topping: (??? minutes)

In this recipe, we will cook the apples beforehand.

1) Peel apples and take the cores away.  Cut in slices, approximatively 12 mm (1/2 inch) thick.  You do not want to have too thin slices because we are going to cook them extensively, and you do not want it to turn into sauce.  Too thick and it will cook slower and may not cook as well.

2) Cook them slowly in a pan with the butter.  When the apples start to give juice away, add the sugar.  You can add more sugar for more caramelized results.  Cook the apples until they are soft and start to get brownish.

3) Put the crust in the bottom of pie plate (not on the borders-sides), and put the apples on top.  Even the apple on the crust.

4) Cook in the oven at 350°F for 10 minutes.

5) Serve hot, flipped upside down (put a plate on top of your pie plate, and flip it).

Other Options:

1) You can serve with vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream.

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