Current YaleCooks Status: (an attempt to be transparent)

Please read the "Governance & Structure" page to confirm the current "status" of YaleCooks as an (un)official group within the AYA (remember, Yale College students become alumni after one semester), Yale GSAA, and Yale professional school alumni associations.

Overview: What is YaleCooks?

YaleCooks: An organization which brings together members of the extended "Yale community" who believe sharing experiences, tips-hints, information, food, and family recipes can be used to:

1) increase the tastiness and diversity (including "source-seasonality") of the foods we eat
2) introduce children to different cultures through education and exposure of their palates to new flavors
3) build new and lasting friendships through fun activities
4) celebrate traditional ingredients and cooking methods
5) start discussions about and conversations between different cultures
6) help connect people to the sources of their food (intellectually, physically, and emotionally)
7) explain the relationship and costs of convenience vs energy consumption
8) support sustainable farming practices, local green markets, and CSA programs
9) encourage the development of essential "life skills" (eg. cooking, shopping & budgeting, time management, plus financial planning)
10) promote nutritious diets and community health
11) strengthen communities through education, knowledge, and empowerment
12) develop interest in diverse organizations such as the Yale Day of Service, Yale Educational Travel (include Yale Service Corps and YaleGALE), and Yale Shared Interest-Identity Groups (SIGs)

Learn more by reading our "Partnerships & Projects" page and our "Strategic Plan" page.

Guiding Principal: Why Is YaleCooks Important?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


YaleCooks wants to share the information needed by members of the Yale community (including current students and recent graduates; see below) who want to learn the essential skills and vocabulary needed to appreciate, share, and even grow food which is prepared in their KITCHENS (Kid friendly, Inexpensive, Tasty, Cuisines, Homemade, Easy to make, Nutritious, and Sustainable).  With this core knowledge YaleCooks can build stronger families and healthier communities.  We will also be better stewards of the earth and its limited resources.

Learning "practical" cooking skills and sharing "frual shopping knowledge" can be a lot of fun.

By "mastering" (thank you, Julia) just a few simple "Cooking 101" techniques (boiling water, frying, and even using an oven) and only ten or twenty different basic recipes a person can have a diet which is both healthy and satisfying.  It is not necessary to use the exact same recipes many times a week (unless, of course, you really like a specific dish).  By substituting or adding ingredients to your core repertoire of recipes more variations are gradually created.  New flavor combinations result when familar recipes are prepared using seasonal ingredients or when leftovers are mixed (or even served with freshly prepared dishes).  Think of the "food as color-shape-sound" scene from the animated movie "Ratatouille."

Uniqueness: What Does YaleCooks Add to the Culinary World?

The internet and cable TV are saturated with great food websites, blogs, and programs such as Epicurious and the FoodNetwork.  What is the "added value" of YaleCooks?  A very fair question.

If you have tried to follow ten different recipes, but your souffles always collapse, what can you do?  Busy celebrity chefs, such as Rachel Ray and Nigella Lawson may not respond to your emails asking for help, but YaleCooks will.  If you contact YaleCooks and say "I am a member of the "Yale community" (and here is a yale.edu-based email address to prove my university affiliation, or a Yale email address of the person through who I am affiliated).  I need someone to give me tips for following a recipe for ABC, or if possible, show me how to make XYZ.  Can YaleCooks help me?"  The answer is a loud "yes, we can".

To quote the line from Home Depot advertisements (2003 - 2009) "You can do it, we can help."

YaleCooks wants to educate the palates and assist the development of culinary skills of cooks of all ages.  Children will feed our future communities.  Read more on the "Recipes for Children" page.

YaleCooks extends a special welcome to international students and scholars (and of course, their partners and familes) studying at Yale.  Please let us know if the website translator (see left panel, below the "search" box) can be improved.  YaleCooks is developing food related events and activities in New Haven with the Yale Office of International Students and Scholars (Yale OISS).

YaleCooks will try to include metric units (grams, milliliters, and centimeters) when possible, but please remind us when we forget!

Who Cares: The Stakeholders:

If you are reading this page you have some connection to Yale and you probably care.

There is a strong history of food at Yale.

More Details:

Feel free to explore the YaleCooks "Mission & Vision" and "Strategic Plan" pages.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions after reading the YaleCooks "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) page please contact YaleCooks.


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