YaleCooks: a FIG ("Food Interest Group") which (re)connects members of the Yale community who are interested in what we eat and the social-cultural uses of food.

YaleCooks Announcements & Event Calendar:

Welcome back!  We hope you had a restful holiday.  2013 should be a breakout year for YaleCooks.

Read summaries of recent YaleCooks events (currently just New Haven and New York City).

In addition to continuing our regular potluck dinners in New Haven, and also New York City, YaleCooks hopes to host more cooking classes & workshops and other special events.

Free Recipes & Event Catering-Planning Advice:

• The YaleCooks website now has forty-seven (yes, 47!) recipes contributed by members.  Some recipes are fancier, but most are recipes for quick, simple, and nutritious "every day" foods we ate growing up.  One of our fun goals is to create "copy cat" recipes for "favorite dishes" from the Yale University Dining Halls and popular New Haven eateries.

• Is there a specific dish which you want to learn to prepare?  One of our members probably has experience making the dish.  Please request a recipe.

• Do you need help planning a social event (for a group or just an intimate dinner for two)?  YaleCooks is developing an "Advice & Solutions" page to help you plan your next food-related event.  Read more...

Other Cities: (Non-New Haven)

• An organizing-planning event to start a YaleCooks chapter in New York City was finally held on February 2, 2013 at a restaurant in Chinatown.  Read a summary (and see a few photos)...

• The (still unnamed) YaleCooks chapter in New York City is planning its first two potluck food-cooking events.  The first event, during which the dinner guests will "Learn How to Make Pad Thai", will meet on February 23, 2013.  The second event will be an "Irish" themed event and tentatively will occur in March.  More details will be posted when available. 

• Next, YaleCooks may expand north along I-95 to Boston, south to Washington, DC, westward along I-80 to Chicago, and maybe even across the Atlantic Ocean to Berlin.  If you think there is sufficient interest in your city to start a YaleCooks chapter please contact YaleCooks.

New Haven: (SPECIAL Events)

• The New Haven ISPY Foodies@Yale group is planning a "Skiing & Snowboarding Day Trip" on Saturday, February 23, 2013.  For more details read the event description page.

• Are you interested in a "deep frying" event (appetizers, entrees, and desserts; both savory & sweet)?

New Haven: (WEDNESDAY Events)

• YaleCooks is hosting regular "food-cooking-eating" events (eg. potluck meals or a cooking workshops-demonstrations) on most, but not every, Wednesday evenings.

The next Wednesday event, a potluck dinner (no theme, but "vegetarian suggested"), will be held in New Haven on February 20, 2013.  For a list of future events please visit the YaleCooks "Events" page.

New Haven: (THURSDAY Events)

• For a list of currently planned events (including Thursday events) please visit the YaleCooks "Events" page.

Yes, the rumor is true.  Most YaleCooks events in New Haven are free!  Please feel free to stop by and say hi even if you have just a few minutes to chat.  After you meet other YaleCooks members you will want to stay.

Read more... (a link to the YaleCooks "Events" page)
Food-Cooking-Nutrition Events Organized by Other Yale-New Haven Community Groups:

 UPDATE  On Sunday February 17, 2013 the Yale Korean American Students Association (KASY) is hosting a "Umma-Style Korean Dinner" from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM at the Yale Afro-American House.  $5 "All-You-Can-Eat".  For more information visit the KASY Facebook event page.

 NEW  On Friday (evening) and Saturday (morning) February 22 - 23, 2013 the Yale Divinity School is hosting a conference called "NOURISH NEW HAVEN: Food Justice and Sustainability".  The FREE event will include films, panels, workshops, and great food.  Registration is required.

Read more (including summaries of VISA "Pho Night", ISO "Food Night", Hanppuri "Pocha Night Market", etc.).
Food Photos & Stories:

Before one learns how to cook it is helpful to learn what to cook!

Through stories and photos we can vicariously enjoy the trips and culinary adventures of fellow Yalies.

Recent contributors include: Linda T, Sheril Frano, and Cynthia Chan

About YaleCooks:

We attended Yale or served the university in different decades, we saw some governments collapse and new countries start, we listened to different music, we wore different clothing, and different heroes inspired us.  Without exception, there is one thing we shared.  To fuel our bodies and brains we had to eat and drink.

YaleCooks is interested in using food and cooking to create new communities and to (re)connect existing communities.  There is so much we can accomplish.

YaleCooks Chapters: National & Global

The first YaleCooks chapter "ISPY Foodies@Yale" was started in New Haven in 2012 with the help of International Students & Partners at Yale (ISPY).

On February 2, 2013 an organizing-planning event was held in New York City.

Please let us know if you believe there is sufficient alumni interest among members of your regional Yale club to start a YaleCooks chapter.  We want to help.

Read more... ("Governance & Structure")
History of Food at Yale: Past-Present-Future

Eating with friends in the 12 residential colleges and at Commons, class reunion meals, trips to the GPSCY and Mory's, the "Final Cut" and "Chili Throwdown" competitions, guest chefs and Masters' Teas, food events hosted by student clubs, Friday pizza at the Yale Farm, the "Yale Harvest" orientation program, food-related courses and seminars, New Haven restaurants, quick visits to New York City or longer vacation trips, studying-traveling-eating abroad, living and cooking off-campus, plus the Yale Day of Service.

Favorite Yale Dining Hall & New Haven Dishes:

In January, 2013 an announcement was made in the Yale Alumni Association of New York email newsletter that the YaleCooks group was planning an event in NYC.  Alumni were asked to RSVP for the event by completing the YaleCooks online food-cooking survey.  One of the questions asked about favorite dining hall foods.  What are your favorite Yale dining hall foods?

One of the goals of YaleCooks is to develop "copy cat" recipes for your favorite Yale (and New Haven) dishes.

Yalies in the Kitchen: (Plus Recipes & Advice)

Every day and in every city around the world Yalies are busy in their kitchens.  Recent graduates cooking quick meals after a long day, Yalies preparing meals to impress their dates, parents cooking simple nutritious meals for their children, (great)(grand)parents sharing recipes with their families, international students and scholars cooking, alumni volunteering in food pantries, alumni training at prestigious culinary schools, etc.  The Yale "cookbook collection" has over 300 volumes!  Please share the recipes you use every month.

Read more... ("Yale Community Recipes")
Anyone Can Cook: (Yes, You Can)

Cooking is an essential life skill.  In the "Life After Yale" guide (printed by UCS) the title of chapter 5 is "Becoming Iron Chef."  Read advice describing how to equip a basic kitchen or how to properly use the gadgets found in a "furnished" kitchen.  Remember, all the residential college "student kitchens" at Yale were renovated between 1989-2010.  Learn where to shop for ingredients (in New Haven and other "major" AYA cities).  Are you on a budget or feel too busy to cook?  No excuses.  "You can do it, we can help."

Read more... ("Let's Learn to Cook Now!")
New Haven-Style Pizza Recipe:

Many feel eating Wooster Square-style "apizza" at Frank Pepe's, Sally's, Modern, and Bar is part of the Yale experience.  Satisfy your craving by making pizza, with your favorite toppings, at home or in your Yale student kitchen.  Any votes for "white clam" pizza?

Claire's Lithuanian Coffee Cake Recipe:

If you are a Yalie who prefers to indulge in sweets, the aroma, flavor, and texture of the coffee cake from Claire's Corner Copia will bring back memories of college birthdays and other special celebrations.  With or without buttercream frosting?  Your choice.

Recipes Organized by Ingredients-Category:

Are you interested in diversifying your culinary repertoire to include new "international" ways to cook chicken?  Do you need suggestions for how to serve the produce from your home garden?  Did you just buy a crate of fresh CT or GA summer peaches?  Look for recipes listed by main ingredient (eg. dairy or desserts) or category (eg. vegetarian or dumplings).

Recipes Organized by Cuisine-World Region:

Are you planning to make a birthday dinner for a friend or classmate from another country?  Are you trying to impress a date?  For each cuisine we plan to create a collection 20 - 25 dishes which illustrate the most characteristic aroma and flavor combinations (eg. foods which family cooks in those regions prepare every week).  Please share your menu ideas!

Are You Planning a Social Event?

YaleCooks members have experience planning events.  We have planned parties of different sizes, created many menus, and cooked food (including wedding cakes).  Some of us are professional cooks-chefs.  If you have food-cooking questions we have answers and solutions.

If you need advice or help please contact YaleCooks or join us at one of our regular events.
Recently Added (or Popular) Recipes:

Many of these recipes match the YaleCooks' KITCHENS acronym:

Kid friendly, Inexpensive, Tasty, Cuisines, Homemade, Easy to make, Nutricious, and Sustainable

We expanded our lists of authentic, classic, and traditional recipes from England (thanks to Sheril Frano), Italy (thanks to Anna M), Greece (thanks to Vassilis, opa!), Korea & Thailand (thanks to Michael A), and now Mexico (thanks to Carlos).  Next, we hope to add more names for more European (eg. Swiss, Spanish, & Portuguese), Asian (eg. Pakistani & Singapore), and African (eg. Kenyan) recipes.  Please help by sharing your knowledge!

If there are any recipes which you want us to develop first please contact YaleCooks!  Request a recipe or cooking advice.

__) "Roasted Peruvian Chicken" (two versions in development).


__) "Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken" (in development).


__) "Roasted Turkey" (in development).


__) "Meat Gravy" (in development).


__) "Mashed Potatoes" (in development).


__) "Baked Sweet Potatoes" (in development).


__) "Different Ways to Cook Plain Rice" (in development).


__) "Black Beans, Chorizo Sausage, & Corn" (in development).


__) "Oatmeal cookies: regular and egg-free versions" (in development).


47) "Carrot Halwa: Gajar Sheera - Gajrela" <2013-01-24> Thanks, Anjana!


46) Thai "Panang Curry Vegetables" <2013-01-23> Thanks, Michael!


45) Thai "Pad Ga Prao" <2013-01-23> Thanks, Michael!


44) "Coriander Chutney" <2013-01-21> Thanks, Anjana!


43) "Paratha: Flatbread stuffed with cabbage, carrots, & paneer" <2013-01-21> Thanks, Anjana!


42) "Pancakes: fluffy, egg-free, & vegan" <2013-01-20>.


41) "Poha Vegetable Cutlets" <2013-01-18> Thanks, Anjana!


40) "Gobi Paratha: Flatbread stuffed with cauliflower" <2013-01-18> Thanks, Anjana!


39) "Vegetable Burritos: Wheat Tortillas Filled with Vegetables <2013-01-17> Dank, Lies!


38) "Crumble Pomme Framboise: French Apple Raspberry Crumble <2013-01-17> Merci, Ouardane!


37) "Thekua: Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies" <2013-01-11> Thanks, Anjana!


36) "Simple Carrot Soup" (2013-01-06).


35) "Chinese Rice Porridge: Congee-Jook" (2013-01-02).


34) "Compote de Pomme: Apple Sauce" (2012-12-31).


33) "Garam Masala" (2012-12-29).  Thanks, Anjana M.


32) "Baguel Baguettes" (2012-12-18) edited on 2012-12-22.



30) "Tarte Tatin" (2012-12-13).  Merci, Ouardane J!


29) "Rajma" (2012-12-12).  Thanks, Anjana M!


28) "Dutch Coconut Milk Carrot Curry Soup" (2012-12-10).  Dank, Lies P!


27) "Cranberry Sauce Relish" (2012-12-05).


26) "Rasgulla" (2012-12-03).  Thanks, Anjana M!


25) "French Lemon Meringue Pie-Tart" (2012-11-29).  Merci, Ouardane J!


24) "Pie Crust" (2012-11-29).  Merci, Ouardane J!


23) "Asian-Inspired Stuffing" (2012-11-28).  Thanks, Michael A!


22) "Ras malai" (2012-11-28).  Thanks, Anjana M!


21) "Vegetable Pakoras" (2012-11-28).  Thanks, Anjana M!


20) "Chole" an Indian chickpea curry (2012-11-06).  Thanks, Anjana M.


19) "Meethe Chawal" a sweet Indian rice (2012-11-07).  Thanks, Anjana M.


18) "Badam Kheer" a sweet Indian milk drink (2012-11-06).  Thanks, Anjana M.


17) "Besan Ladoo" Gluten-free Indian chickpea flour cookie balls (2012-11-02).  Thanks, Anjana M.


16) "No-Roll Pie Crust" (2012-10-28)   Thanks, Vassilis.  Opa!


15) "Homemade Kimchi" (2012-10-26).  Thanks, Michael A.


14) "Greek Style Yogurt" (2012-10-22).  Opa!


13) "Yale OISS Pretzel Bagels" (2012-10-13).


12) "Fermentation & Pickling: Basics" (2012-09-06).  Thanks Jeremy O.


11) "Tofu with Spicy Peanut Soy Sauce" (2012-08-01).



9) Chinese-Japanese "Sweet Red Bean Paste" (2012-07-23).


8) "Rosti: Pan Fried Grated Potatoes" French-style "home fried" potatoes (2012-07-16).


7) "Mantou: Steamed Chinese Bread" (2012-07-11).


6) "Cabbage & Kielbasa" (2012-06-30).


5) "Pan Fried Fish" (2012-06-25).


4) "Hummus" (2012-06-25).


3) "Baba Ganouj" (2012-06-25).




Read the complete "What's New" list (updated: 2012-09-11)

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