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2006 - I make this site back in 6th grade

2007 - A lot of my friends from RTB fuck around on this and I get a large comments section going.

2008 - Continuation of above, then it becomes abandoned.

2009 - I wipe this site.

2010 ~ 2013 - Jack Shit

2014 - ... I rediscover this and re-add some content. 

2015 - Jack Shit

2016 - ... I die from drunk driving & cocaine

See this site in 2009!

if the link ever fucks up, just go to and search this site.

Main Site

The main website is bro


grtb was my second website I created, sometime in 2007 when I was like 12. Before that, I had or some shit. I used this site for a journal relating to Blockland along with tutorials, downloads, etc.

Eventually, I wiped a lot of the data here which is gone forever. A shame, as I stored lots of personal shit.

I shaped the site into being the main part of my RTB shit, and used sephrtbmods (established 08~09 i think) simply for hosting and describing the downloads themselves. GRTB was for current news, drama, etc.

I had an old guestbook which had hundreds of comments but all that old shits gone now. RIP.

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