NYPAPS New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society




                                                             Worcester White House Inn

 In upstate NY  just below Albany on highway 88, there is a little town called Worcester NY.  We were called to do the Worcester White House Inn, this Inn has a restaurant on the first floor and on the second and third floor there are rooms to rent.  This Inn was originally built in 1814.   Here is their website check it out Worcester White House Inn  it will tell you the history.  They told us of a child that they hear at night running up and down the second floor, they also told us of a woman that haunts the third floor. This is what we found.

 When we first  arrived they told us no one would be staying there and we had the whole place to ourselves, so we did a fast run through to see just where the most activity was.   Before lights out while we were placing our equipment around the Inn, in one of the rooms we heard tapping we started asking questions then we heard a chair move accross the floor but could not seem to find any chair out of place, while looking for the chair we heard a woman yell and then music, it all stopped within 30 seconds.  We had EMF spikes , dowsing rods move and temp. drops through the whole investigation.  The first 3 pictures are sequence pictures, Justin followed the orb, he was first back above Dana then by Noel and last he is behind Noel.  While doing the Ghost Box in one of the rooms we had a picture fly off the wall came out about 3 feet and then drop.  The forth picture is the picture we got when the picture flew off the wall.



Here is one of the better EVP's we got that night.  Noel says can you talk to us and then Dana says don't be afraid we're not going to hurt you, a man says "NO"

            STERLING ROAD

In Sylvan Beach NY there is a road named Sterling Road this road is a long dirt road which is part of Verona State Park.   There are many stories about this road, people say you can hear screams, cars racing up and down and when you stop in the middle of the road all kinds of things can happen but no one could tell us just exactly what.  So we decided to check it our for ourselves.  Here is what we found out the racing cars are the cars on the next road over, they were not paranormal.   As for the screams yes we heard them but could not find the source, maybe paranormal but will not say yes for sure.  Now for stopping in the road, well  this is what happened to us.  We stopped to get our cameras on and ready when we did a car pulled up next to us, as we sat there looking at the car for only seconds I thought we were going to get shot the windows were dark and you could not see anyone in the car.   The car then pulled in front of us and started driving slowly down the road we then followed not too close I wanted room to stop.  as we followed it the tail lights judt disappeared thats right just disappeared!  We went up and down that road looking for a pull off that he may have turned on but could not find ANY!  I have to tell you we went back there several times and this has never happened to us again.   Here are some of our pictures form Sterling Road.


Here is an Orb with what looks to be a face in it.





  These roads are in Chittnango NY and are  within a mile of each other.  VERY CREEPY ROADS!  Here are some more pics of  Gulf road this road is a seasonal road, it closes in the winter you will know why when you are on it.      




                  BLUE LADY HOUSE

Crammer Road in Little Falls NY.   This was a VERY SCARY PLACE.   The stories went that a woman lived here with her children, she locked them in there room and committed suicide.  Now as I said these are STORIES, we have no proof of any of this, but what I do knwo is this place was HAUNTED!  When Dana was standing in the doorway she turned around and said to me "why are you touching me"  well I was about 4 feet away from her so it wasn't me.    UPDATE:  the house is not torn down, but PLEASE DO NOT GO IN IT IS READY TO DROP!!!!!


              13 CURVES

13 Curves is in Syracuse NY.  This road is VERY CURVY and DANGEROUS so PLEASE BE CAREFUL if you should ever go here looking for the lady in White.  The STORY behind this haunting goes like this:  One night a bride and a groom left their wedding to start their new life together when driving down this road they had an accident.  Story says the Bride and Groom were killed now you can see them looking for each other.  Reality is there was an accident with newlyweds but only the Bride was killed.  The Groom actually lived in the area for a little while then moved away from the area.   Here is what happened to us as we were on the 7th curve (which is the worst) Bob saw a white shadow I tell him that is what we are looking for as I start taking pictures in that direction, Dana then says Hello.  Someone else who was there said "HI" as if they were excited to see.  This is one of the pictures that I took the second one is crooped so you can see her better.  As for the Hi it sounds like a man.  We found out there have been many other acciodents at this same location, so we are not really sure who is still here.


Here is an EVP of "HI" Listen very carefully after Dana says Hello you may need your headphones


 Here are some more pictures we got that night.



 Little Falls NY  This was one of our very first places we went to when we started out.  We always got results here, this has to be one of our favorite places to go if we have no where else to go.   the first 2 pictures were taken with throw away cameras.   We werte not smoking and it wasn't cold enough for us to see our breath.  This was the first night we ever used a tape recorder and WOW were we surprised as to what we got!


Here are the pics from the Church at Indian Castle. 

        Look at this guy resting in the chair.


Dana tells Noel  "I'm just saying to stop walking" and she goes on then it is quiet when Dana starts telling Noel I am just snapping pictures and someone calls her "picture Crazy"  Noel can't hear Dana and says  HUH well he must have thought she was talking to him and he repeats himself even louder.