NYPAPS New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society






WELCOME to NYPAPS, New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society.  We are a paranormal society that does investigations from Herkimer, New York right on down to Scranton, Pennsylvania.    Look around our site with an open mind, maybe you will find something of interest to you.  We do hope you enjoy your stay with us!!

  We are not experts in this field nor do we claim to be.  We feel the only "EXPERTS" are deceassed ones!  We are not the team that only wants to be on TV, What we DO is this: historical research on the location, interview anyone who has witnessed the activity, look for any reason for the activity other than paranormal first!  What we do NOT do is this:  We do not charge for invetigations, we do not deal in Demonic hauntings, we will not step on another societies toes.  We will not leave you haunted, if for whatever reason we can not get to you or we feel it is Demonic, we will find a team that can help you. If you are interested in a program please e-mail us at nypaparanormal@yahoo.com  AGAIN, We DO NOT CHARGE FOR INVESTIGATIONS, we do accept donations to help cover cost of gas and equipment but we do NOT expect them.  This site best viewed with an OPEN MIND!  

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