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Abandoned History is an ongoing project to document and therefore preserve the history of today's modern ruins and forgotten historical locations.  Videos will be added to the series as they become available and posted on the pages of this site by location and all will be available on YouTube.  Each video will feature some sort of location you won't find on your local tourism brochure and are usually off the beaten path and at most are considered a local eyesore as apposed to a significant historical location that help shape the fabric of history.  This places are often left untouched like giant time capsules that offer an unprecedented look into the past and act almost like a time machine when you step inside.

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Recent Updates

A new location has been added.  The Beekman Place.  A majestic location located blocks from Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan, NY.   This is a 9 story time capsule with the most beautiful atrium in the country and magnificent views of downtown NY including the new Tower 1 of the new World Trade Center!

Also remember you now have the ability to comment on photos and also don't forget I've added a forum where you can start topics and make comments on whatever your heart desires.  I'd really like to see interesting topics get started so feel free to start whatever topic comes to mind and hopefully we'll get fun exploration community going!

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Check out the new forum!  You can now join the XtremX community and meet other people with this common interest of photography and exploration!  ANYONE CAN JOIN!  I've spent some serious time on it so go have a look, it won't look like much until there's more posting though.  All my posts are on the website, this forum is for YOU!  You can read all the posts BUT you must join in order to post topics of your own.  So go ahead and check it out, there will be some bugs probably so let me know if something isn't working or theres something you want added.  I'm also looking for reliable admins, all of which will receive free XtremeX DVDs when its finished!

**If you aren't familiar with what is going on with this XtremeX DVD check out the Announcement Archive link below!**

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- Paralyzed -

XtremeX Photography featured on the cover of the book Paralyzed

This photo from Belchertown State School (also featured in the "Download" section) was recently chosen for the cover of this new book by Chadwick Walsh.  The book is the true life story of the author's battle with and eventual victory over many physical and mental challenges including schizophrenia.  For purchase information or just to learn more about the book click the image below to visit the books official website.

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-The Forbidden Tourist-

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By: Fred Szabries

Featuring XtremeX locations:

-Metropolitan State Mental Hospital-

-Northampton State Mental Hospital-

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and many more...