X2X Racing

Up and running again

November 10, 2006

This website has launched back up.   READ THIS: To let everyone know there are no mods or cheats in this clan or used in any of the tracks we race on. Its all just normal racing on Halo 2 on normal non-modded maps.


I just recently updated the forums and I am getting onto updating the homepage as well. I added videos and re-skinned the forums.

Read This

Any of these tracks are not modded there are no modders or cheaters allowed in my clan. None of these tracks are modded at all, I don't mod.

The updates just keep coming

I have figured out how to fix you time in the forum. If you want it so your time on your account is correct first make sure your logged in, then go to My Controls at the top, then once your there at the bottom left there is a list of link to edit your profile, look under the options tab and under it look for Board Settings and click that link, then once you there fix your time zone that is yours, then once you selected your correct time zone at the bottom of the page click Change My Account Options. And there your time should be correct, if it’s like and hour off try click the check box that says, is daylight savings time in effect? And then maybe your time will be correct. If still your time isn't correct that means you probably put the wrong time zone in.

New Updates Yeah!!!

I have updated the forums a lot so go check them out and if you are new to this site register in the forums and then check out all the new stuff, well at least so far. And I am announcing the first race to start soon I will give details about the race later.


Today August 20, I have added some more things to the forum such as Halo 1 racing videos and i added another one called Other Halo 2 Videos. And make sure you post in the firght categories in the forum.

Website Launch

Today this new website just launched and I am going to be up to date on this website. Check out the forums and talk to people in the forums. This website is about Halo 2 racing on Xbox Live. The clan name is called X2X Racing. My gamertag for Xbox Live is X2X Amped. Send me a friend request on Xbox live and ask me for a clan invite if u want to be in the clan. All we do in the clan is race on the Halo 2 maps. Check out the forums here http://www.freewebs.com/x2xracing/http://s9.invisionfree.com/X2X_Racing/index.php

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