West Virginia All-State

 Children's Chorus



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 Dear WVASCC Teachers,

Allotments are divided in the following way.

1.     Capacity of Stage:  How many children will fit safely on risers on the stage.  Charleston (340)  and  Wheeling (250)

If there is extra room then extra allotments can be given out based on choir (not school) size.

 2.     Divisi:  How many sections are we going to need based on equality of each vocal section. 

This year we have 4 sections S1 (85), S2 (42-43), A1 (42-43), and A2 (85) this is based again on what the stage can safely hold and what the music calls for in a divisi.

 3.           We take the forms and look at each teacher’s first choice and we see if all of those teachers can fit in the section they requested as their 1st choice. 

4.           If the base number of allotments 2/school (no matter how small the choir numbers are or how big) will fit in the section.

5.           If the number requested total is larger than the section can hold we start looking at 2nd choices.

6.           If the number requested total is smaller than the section needs we start looking at the largest sections over and their 2nd choices.

7.           We try very hard to give you your 1st or 2nd choice.  But everybody seems to want to be in the Soprano 1 or 2 Section and this makes it     very difficult.

8.           If I have to evaluate who to give a second choice to I always look at the date their form was posted. 

9.           For instance people who send their forms in September 1st usually get their 1st choice section and if there is overage space they will get 1 extra allotment (50plus) in their choir.  It is rare but if their choir is actually 120 they could get 2 extra allotments.

10.      Executive Board Members get 1 extra allotment for all of their hard work and for giving up most of the conference activities to mind the choir.

11.      Return allotments are always done in January and they always are awarded to the earliest Teacher Registration Form senders. 

What's New !

Registration Forms for 2018 need to be postmarked by October 1, 2017 

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