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One World, One Promiss!

21st World Scout Jamboree - Hello!

One World, One Promise.

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Countdown to the World's Largest gathering event besides the Olimpic Games from the World Scouts Organisation of 40,000 scouts participating and more than 8,000 day visitors daily at the campsite - Chelmsford, England in the United Kingdom. This memorable event, the 21st World Scout Jamboree which will help mark the Centenary of Scouting, with over 40,000 Scouts attending from almost every country in the world. You might be thinking why Jamboree??? And lots of 'WH' quesions are on your mind... you can take you time through this website and you can have your understanding into a better level.

Baden-Powell chose the name ‘Jamboree’ for this event, based on the common Swahili greeting ‘Jambo’ meaning ‘Hello’. Jamboree is now an international term used to describe a large gathering of Scouts. Since 1920, World Scout Jamborees have been held almost every four years, except during the Second World War, and hosted all over the world. This Jamboree would certainly change many lifes around the world, first of fourteen days that have changed my life... its a wonderful experience!

Brief History - Scouting rapidly spread around the world after the first experimental camp in 1907 on Brownsea Island. Scouting’s Founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell planned to hold a special event to bring together Scouts of all nationalities, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the camp on Brownsea Island. Due to the First World War, where many Scouts were killed, the first international gathering of Scouts was held in 1920. This, the first Jamboree, was held at London’s Olympia for 8,000 Scouts from 34 Countries. Check it in to know more about this? Click here - Histories.

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Words of my own towards the jamboree... as a scout participant to wander around the site i can see everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and having fun, with entertainment occuring on the stage and all over the site with diffrent kinds of activities each day. Overall the Jamboree so far has being very good with everyone especially Scouts and Me appearing to enjoy ourselves with one another. It is a great experience and journey towards 14 days of 20th century Camping Life is worthwhile. I pass by the areana and few other places each days at the Jamboree was treated to a musical extraveganza! How awsome you think is would be?

Anyway I thought I should add my entry to this new web, hope everyone else enjoys their visit to the Jamboree as much as me, it is ceratainly a once in a lifetime experience now as a scout participant and my first World Scout Jamboree, felt a little tiring but we must know there will always be ups and downs and therefore it was nice to bring back home our sweet memories.

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There will be time when you think back...
Reaching at the Jamboree with saying "Jambo",
And you get a friend in return replying you "Hello",
Getting to know them better by exchanging cultures and lifestyles,
And great experience you leave the Jamboree campsite,
Feeling little down missing your peeps you've made...
Adding on hugs before you leave,
Passing time with laughers and also tears....
Although ceremonies and celebrations were major high points,
Remembering those who treat you best....
Acting as you had lots of fun and never will miss Jamboree,
But you had no choice but to leave,
Actually you really miss them,
Some would say that thinking about it is pointless,
Also some would had thier friendship lasting long...
Sending words and regards to those you miss,
Aloud i would agree to it,
cause you know,
All that matters are your experience,
No matter what changes in scouting next 100 years,
Above far sky you look, you will still remember.

This video is brought to you by wonderful scouts from around the world. Lets here some music and rock it around to the coming World Scout Jamboree. Next WSJ on the list: 22nd WSJ - Sweeden. Theme, Simply Scouting!

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