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Americans / British / Westerners in Taiwan (Taiwan)  (trans-regional gp – present)


Amis of Taiwan (Taiwan)                                 (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm    LANGUAGE                                                  LANGUAGE


Atayal of Taiwan (Taiwan)                              (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm    LANGUAGE                     LANGUAGE                                                         LANGUAGE                                                 LANGUAGE


Babuza of Taiwan (Taiwan)                            (ethnic gp – present)


Basay of Taiwan (Taiwan)                               (ethnic gp – present)           LANGUAGE


Belgians in Taiwan [Belgium] (Taiwan)         (national gp – present)


Bunun of Taiwan (Taiwan)                               (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm  LANGUAGE                                                  LANGUAGE


Filipinos in Taiwan [Philippines] (Taiwan)   (national gp – present)


Germans in Taiwan [Germany] (Taiwan)        (national gp – present)


Hoanya / Atabu of Taiwan (Taiwan)              (ethnic gp – present)


Kavalan of Taiwan (Taiwan)                            (ethnic gp – present)                                                   LANGUAGE


Ketagalan of Taiwan (Taiwan)                          (ethnic gp – present)


Luilang of Taiwan (Taiwan)                               (ethnic gp – present)


Macanese in Taiwan [Macao – China] (Taiwan)   (ethno-regional gp – present)


Mainland Chinese [China] (Taiwan)               (ethno-national gp – present)


Mongolians in Taiwan [Mongolia] (Taiwan)  (national gp – present)


New Zealanders in Taiwan [NZ] (Taiwan)       (national gp – present)


Paiwan of Taiwan (Taiwan)                                (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm    LANGUAGE                                                      LANGUAGE  LANG.


Papura / Papora of Taiwan (Taiwan)              (ethnic gp – present)


Pazeh of Taiwan (Taiwan)                                (ethnic gp – present)


Puyuma of Taiwan (Taiwan)                            (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm  LANGUAGE                                                      LANGUAGE             LANGUAGE


Rukai of Taiwan (Taiwan)                               (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm    LANGUAGE                                                        LANGUAGE               LANGUAGE


Saisiat / Saisiyat of Taiwan (Taiwan)            (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm  LANGUAGE                                                      LANGUAGE             LANGUAGE


Singaporeans in Taiwan [Singapore] (Taiwan)  (national gp – present)


Siraya of Taiwan (Taiwan)                               (ethnic gp – present)


Taiwanese (Taiwan)                                          (ethno-national gp – present)            LANGUAGE                                                       +LANGUAGE     LANGUAGE   LANGUAGE     LANGUAGE (Holok)                               LANGUAGE


Taokas / Tasokas of Taiwan (Taiwan)          (ethnic gp – present)


Taroko / Truku of Taiwan (Taiwan)               (ethnic gp – present)                           LANGUAGE       LANGUAGE


Thao / Sao of Taiwan (Taiwan)                      (ethnic gp – present)                                                LANGUAGE


Tibetans in Taiwan [China] (Taiwan)              (ethnic gp – present)


Tsou of Taiwan (Taiwan)                                   (ethnic gp – present)­^€ε/lang/fmlang.htm   LANGUAGE                            LANGUAGE


Yami / Tao of Taiwan (Taiwan)                      (ethnic gp – present)          LANGUAGE


Taiwanese in Canada (Canada)                      (national gp – present)


Taiwanese in France (France)                         (national gp – present)


Taiwanese in Germany (Germany)                  (national gp – present)


Taiwanese in Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands)  (national gp – present)


Taiwanese in Britain (UK)                               (national gp – present)


Taiwanese in America (USA)                          (national gp – present)