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St Lucia

Caribs in St Lucia (St Lucia)                             (ethnic gp – present)


Chinese in St Lucia [China] (St Lucia)             (national gp – present)


Guyanese in St Lucia [Guyana] (St Lucia)      (national gp – present)


Indians in St Lucia [India] (St Lucia)               (ethno-national gp – present)


Madeirans in St Lucia [Madeira] (St Lucia)   (ethnic gp – present)


St Lucians (St. Lucia)                                       (national gp – present) LANGUAGE


St Lucian Creoles in St Lucia (St. Lucia)         (ethnic gp – present) LANGUAGE


Syrian-Lebanese in St Lucia [Syria] (St Lucia)   (national gps – present)


Whites in St Lucia (St Lucia)                            (racial gp – present)


St Lucians in Britain (UK)                                 (national gp – present)


St Lucians in America (USA)                            (national gp – present)


St Lucians in US Virgin Islands (US Virgin Islands) (national gp – present)